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Anyone Use Gravity Boots?

how many of you have used gravity inversion boots to relive back pain?

i’m looking at picking up a set, but am curious as to the results.

I tried them out a few years ago, but only got to use them a few times over a week or so. Couldn’t say if they helped, since I wasn’t having any problems at the time, and the short duration of use. Been wanting to get a pair myself.

It’s hard to say but it ‘feels’ good when I do it, but I’m not entirely sure of the longer term benefits. It loosens me up at the end of the session but not sure how long the benefits last.


I’ve got an inversion table and use it a couple times a week. I definitely feel better after using is. I prefer the table to boots because you can adjust the level of decompression by changing the angle of the table.

cool…i think i might try it out.

i have problems with back tightness and spasms

I tried a table before, and didn’t like it. It felt like it was increasing the curvature of my lumbar spine instead of lengthening, and the foot hookup felt like it was dislocating my ankle. Liked the boots a lot better.

Aside from hanging from a pull up bar for extended periods, I’ve found that leaning with your hands on the corner of a counter with your arms locked helps decompress my lower spine and decreases pain. Also leaning on your stomach over the from/over back of a couch helps too. I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back from a non-training related incident that cause me trouble from time to time with pinched nerves.