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Anyone Use Glutamine?

What do all you guys think about it??? anyone use it??? if so with how much and what kind of results. Also say so if you took glutamine peptides.

Good for a healthy gut, don’t try to ‘GET HYUUUUGE’ with it though.

I know alot of the guys training in temple gym (dorian yates place) use it exclusively as a pwo drink mixed in water.

30 minutes later a 50:50 whey/milk an egg protein shake w/simple carbs is consumed.

Monsters come out of temple, i only use it when i cut, 5g pre morning cardio to avoid too much muscular catabolism, works well for me.

Yeah, a lot of authors here believe that glutamine isn’t really necessary when bulking. Being in a catabolic state isn’t nearly as much of a concern when you’re in caloric excess. Although, testanabol has it right, I think - taking it pre-morning cardio and when cutting.