Anyone use GABA?

I’ve been using GABA for a while now- about 6 months. I love the sleep inducing effects it has. It’s also known to raise growth hormone by %550 or something. I know you guys think the kind of growth hormone spike isn’t worth anything, but I do actually feel it has some fat burning properties. I just feel a lot leaner when I wake up. Also- I was wondering, how does GABA relate to GHB in terms of effects on the body- and interaction with alcohol?

at first i had no problem with GABA, and i could take pretty big doses (i went up to 5g, just to see what it was like) but now whenever i take it, even as little as 750mg, it makes me feel all flushed, and like im out of breath.

GABA doesnt cross the blood-brain barrier, and GHB was originally looked into because it can readily cross over, and then be converted into GABA within the cells. since GABA cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, it gives you more peripheral effects rather then put you in a coma like GHB. however excess GABA is quickly metabolized into succinic semialdehyde, which in turn can be reduced to GHB, but this is not the primary pathway. (GHB can be oxidized into succinic semialdehyde or transanimated into GABA, depending on what the body needs at the moment also.)

In conclusion, GABA produces more of a bodily relaxation, as opposed to GHB's primary CNS activity. I cant say for sure mixing alcohol and GABA would be bad, but then again mixing just about anything with alcohol is bad, especially sedatives.

Yeah, I got that out of breath/ crazy tingle feeling throught the body when I started, but Now it dosen’t happen. I used to remedy that by getting up, stretching for a second and taking a long deep breath, then it went away. I put 5 grams under the tongue before I go to sleep. I started at 3 grams.

I used to use GABA, and I experienced the flush too. Its kind of like a niacin flush. It didn’t really bother me though. It is very common with use. I really got a great sleep while using 3-5 grams. I can’t say if it helped with getting leaner or not, because while I was on it, I was dieting and using thermogenics. However, I too always just “felt” leaner when I woke up.

What kind do you guys use? I tried some capsules for about two weeks and didnt notice any differences.

I use AST’s GABA. It comes in 100g. powder. I dissolve it under my tongue. I’ve read that under the tongue is the only way it really gets into the bloodstream, but I don’t know for sure.

I don’t even remember what brand I used. I did use the powder and the capsules. But when I used capsules, I would break them open to get to the powder. I also held this under the tongue.

Thanks B. Mike, I will give it a try in the near future.