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Anyone Use Fat Gripz?

Anyone here use Fat Gripz or a thick bar for any movements?

Saw Jim recommend them a few times for Curls.

I’m thinking about buying some for my Curls, at least. Then playing around with using them for other stuff: Chins, pressing, DB Rows etc.

I use fat Gripz for curls and even if my forearms aren’t growing so much, my grip strenght improved a lot.

Fat gripz are awesome! Definitely worth buying.

I use an Ironmind axle for all benching and pressing. I will occasionally rotate it in for deads.

Never cared for fat gripz. Mine just sit in my garage.

Do you use the bar for a particular reason (grip strength, helps form, strongman) or just because you use it for supersets or something?

I don’t have access to an axle so fat Gripz on a regular bar could give me those benefits without needing the axle bar.

Also, do Fat Gripz fit easily on an EZ-Curl bar? I tend to use them for curling. Straight barbell gave me forearm strain.

A small consideration with fat gripz on the bench is that if you bring the bar to your chest the grips actually provide a teeny-tiny camber effect, in that they lower your hands about 1/4-1-2” from where they would normally be.

I have a pair but as others have said I just don’t find myself using them for whatever reason. They don’t quite fit my dumbbell which is where i’d Probably use them the most

Currently using them for barbell curls and like what I’m feeling in my forearms.

They fit, but i personally didn’t like it, because it felt kind of wrong at my wrist. Way better with a straight bar. Just try and see how it feels for you. If it doesn’t work out well, try dumbbell curls.

I have them and like them. I use them for reverse curls, farmer’s walks with dumb bells, and occasionally barbell pressing movements. They don’t get a huge amount of use, but they are cost-effective enough that I would buy them again for sure.

I don’t really need extra grip work, but I love my Fat Gripz for pressing movements. Keeps my wrists and elbows happy.

I like it for pressing because it’s easier on my elbows. Wider diameter further displaces weight. For deadlifts, it’s just for variety’s sake, and it makes me a little stronger off the floor.

I don’t find fat gripz give those benefits. The idea is sound, but the execution is poor. They tend to slide around on a barbell, and for benching and pressing they create a camber (unless you place an additional one at the center of the barbell), which can put some strain on the shoulders.

I DO use the axle for curls, just not as part of 5/3/1.