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Anyone Use Electronic Cigs?

I thought someone on here a while back mentioned it.

both my parents have smoked for decades and both have had heart attacks. Are these electronic cigs a good alternative?

seen these on an advertisement for Blu cigs blucigs.com

I don’t know about those electronic cigarettes, but I always heard a good alternative to smoking is to…uuh…quit?

[quote]Stuntman Mike wrote:
I don’t know about those electronic cigarettes, but I always heard a good alternative to smoking is to…uuh…quit?[/quote]

dude, believe me. I’ve been on them literally since 3rd grade.

Those are nuts, I’ve never seen them before.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
Stuntman Mike wrote:
I don’t know about those electronic cigarettes, but I always heard a good alternative to smoking is to…uuh…quit?

dude, believe me. I’ve been on them literally since 3rd grade.[/quote]

Sorry man, but if a heart attack hasn’t stopped them then I seriously doubt nothing will.

From what I have read nicotine is not harmful. Addictive as hell, but not harmful. It’s the tar and other Ingredients in cigurettes that are the problem.

These look like the inhalers you can buy to stop smoking, but the amount of nicotine these are offering is high. Most of the inhalers and mints are 4 mg, these go up to 16 mg. So getting the fix is definitly there and it is better then smoking.

For Fifty bucks, give it a try.

Nicotine’s not great, but it doesn’t have proven links to causing major diseases. It’s a bad idea for pregnant women, but that shouldn’t really bother your parents that much. Definitely better than smoking.

Stuntman Mike obviously isn’t the real Stuntman…

Nicotine may not do much long term damage, but a real high dose can do a pretty good job of killing you.

I say give it a try, you can gradually lower the dose you take so they could work pretty well to ween yourself (or your parents in this case) off completely.

I read there were concerns over poisonous and carcinogenic chemicals in electronic cigarettes, I would do some research before using them.

Nicotine isn’t actually that addictive unless paired with a MAO-B inhibitor. One of the chemicals in cigarettes causes this and radically increases the addiction factor, hence why people can just go on and off the gum/patches etc but have a bitch of a time stopping cigarettes.

Maybe try getting them to replace just one proper cig with the electric yoke once/twice a day, and work up that way…?

they list out the ingredients in them. I’ll have to do some research.

Part of the allure of cigs is the habit of actually using them, rather than just getting the nicotine from a patch. Seems like this could fill that void.

for $100 for both parents I guess it’d be worth a shot

Its worth a shot, but I’ll smoke a cig sometimes too and I really can’t picture myself enjoying an e-cig.

Theres just something inherently manly and satisfying about burning something and inhaling it.

Don’t get the BluCigs, they are junk with really good advertising. Look into Crown Seven and Njoy. Don’t waste money on the carts, you can buy juice from Johnson Creek and refill the carts yourself, which is much cheaper.

I got these for my grandparents. Both of them, smokers their entire life, stopped smoking normal cigs the night I gave them ecigs. Over the course of four months, they stopped weezing, stopped coughing, it was as if they weren’t smokers anymore.

A few notes: ecigs are finicky, go to e-cigarette-forum.net and learn to take care of them for long life.

Notes on heath:

I did major, major research on these cigs, and basically can say with quite certainty–they are almost completely harmless, and the FDA is full of crap.

The dangers from these cigs is that they found less than 5ppm of nitrosamines, which are also in normal cigarettes–there will also be nitrosamines where their is nicotine, you can’t have one and not the other. EDIT: there are also just as much nitrosamines in Nicorette gum and other stop-smoking products, which the FDA conveniantely forgot to say.

Also, out of testing 18 samples, in one they found diethelyne glycol in addition to the normal propylene glycol. They also happen to be sued by the company that makes that particular brand of juice, and the element was such a small trace amount that it is hardly relevant–i looked up studies by WHO, and you can find the same trace amounts in things like medicine and toothpaste.

You can look up on studies of propylene glycol, there was a study done in the late 40’s where monkeys were exposed non-stop to air completely saturated with propylene glycol (the substance ecigs use to make the juice), and they were perfectly healthy after 12 months of exposure.


The only concerns I could find was that inside the coil that gets hot to create the vapor has a polyester wick. If the cig is used non-stop it will get hot enough to met the polyester, and according to studies I found, those fumes are horrible to ones health. This is only a concern if someone uses their ecig excessively though. Some people replace that little wick with something safer, like cotton, instead.

Also, half the juices are made with propylene glycol, but some people are sensitive to it. For those people, these companies also use vegetable glycerine (glycol). The problem is that glycol forms acrolein, which is very toxic, at 280 centigrade, but doesn’t turn into vapor until 290 centigrade, which basically means that every glycol ecig is producing acrolein. The question is whether or not that acrolein is immediately destroyed via the large heat or not–independant lab studies found no acrolein, and no one has gotten sick from these, so it appears to be safe.

There’s my mini thesis for the day. If you have any Q’s about ecigs, i probably know the answer by this point.