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Anyone Use DropBox?

seems like a good way to at least back your stuff up.

It’s a great way to have access to files from anywhere for most users.

And yes- it’s a good backup for very important files.

ehh, didn’t realize you only get 2GB of free storage. Everything these days has a monthly fee. No wonder people are more broke.

Dropbox is good, but only 2gb for a free account.

Windows offers 5gb free sync cloud storage with a Windows Live account - free. There is also the free 25gb Skydrive, but it doesn’t automatically sync.

SugarSync is also free and does 5gb too, plus you can sync individual folders instead of keeping copies in the DropBox folder.

the popularity of dropbox is simply because it’s so accessible and can be integrated with lots of stuff.

It’s nothing new obviously, but it makes things easier for simpler folk. A phone with can have unlimited cloud storage, as long as you have access to your files via the internet :slight_smile:

Dropbox is simply a cool GUI for people to use that most people can understand.

I use dropbox for all my important school files. Its very simple to use and works every time. + the iphone app. Good tool for students, at least. Thumbs up from me.