Anyone Use Dave Palumbo Roid Test Kits?

Have you found them to be reliable?

I’m looking to test 3 batches of Anavar, what kit is the most cost effective for just that? Thanks guys!

I use it on anything new I order, works as far as I can tell. All I’ve tested have been positive and based on changes using the AAS after tested I don’t think any was bunk.

Two general rules:

  1. Buy from a source that you don’t have to test because testing has already been done many times, or
  2. Send it for actual testing, i.e. HPLC rather than some fakakta marketing gimmick that tells you nothing other than ‘some amount of the compound is present’
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Gotya, in terms of HPLC testing, who could you recommend please? I’m in England, UK - that may well make a difference.

Do you guys rate Janoshik testing?

Jano is the guy to use. I don’t know if Lab4Tox is still around.

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Great stuff thanks :blush:

Getting the AAS is already an issue, sending it via the mail ads a second layer of risk. Home kits are better than nothing. I’d test regardless of where I got it outside of a pharmacy. Forums are great but I know guys who will send you free stuff only after you’ve touted them on a forum.

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Unfortunately I see that Janoshik tests show up on many vendor websites who post up many test results of the same few brands.

I would imagine Janoshik is in business with those brands/vendors & is paid a lot of cash to post up good results!

Alas I work in investment & know all too well how corrupt ‘3rd party’ rating systems can be!

I think I might splurge & buy a HPLC system of my own. It’s such a pity the U.K. is so far behind clinics in America, where you can be prescribed PEDs so their use is so much safer.

Jano tests for everyone because he’s the guy who everyone uses. When you send him a blind sample he has no way of knowing what brand it is or if it’s your personal home brew. Results are determined by science, not money. The guy is as straight of a shooter as you’ll get in the underground world.

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Everything @iron_yuppie said it spot on. His first point is of the upmost safe way of not having problems. Find a source that regularly posts product tests by Jano and you’re good to go. I’ve never had problems this way.

If in doubt follow the money. Individuals sending a few pills a year is pocket change.

If a vendor is giving you loads of money regularly to say their products are good, business & human nature is to say yes they’re good!

I believe we saw that in 2007/8 with Fitch, Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s and investment grade ratings.

Does Jano allow you to send in powder from crushed pills? Because he’ll easily recognise loose & blind pills because the various brands have consistent pill size across substances as well as colour.

Heck, I could identify many blind pills from popular brands just from a Google image search.

Ask yourself how he arrives at the same analysis for a product sent from a source and then sent blindly by a customer. Or how he recognizes capsules—most of which are clear and filled with white powder—when they come in. You also have to wonder why he catches so many labs with underdosed product if he’s in their pocket. A fairly reputable and large source in the EU recently (last six months) got caught with really improperly dosed stuff across several lines. How’d they get caught? A user sent Jano a bunch of samples. You’re not wrong about a captured interest—I’m in finance too, and I trust very few “disinterested” third parties—but Jano is a straight arrow. He’s had some fuckups in his past, comes with the territory. But he’s been pretty great for the last few years.