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Anyone Use Cubase?


I need some help with some basic stuff. Would love to have someone get me through some newbie hurdles.


ive used cubase before, but in my opinion crystal gives you a much better high.


Yes I use cubase all the time. What's cubase?


I used to a while back, but probably not to a level where I would be able to give advice on it.


I used to use Cubase ALL the time so I can answer some basic stuff (if I remember)...I now exclusivelyt use Live. Much better DAW if you ask me.


Yes. I've used it a lot, its been a couple of years since last time, though. If you're new to it, however, the best thing you can do is to follow the tutorial in the manual. That should cover the basics. Anyway, if you've got any specific questions, post them up.


Use it a bit. A friend of mine uses it 12 hours a day, and has done music for the Total War games. If you need any help, PM me and I'm sure I can pass you his email or something. Likelihood is that he'll be able to help at some level.

Do you use it for sequencing? What sort of stuff - orchestral?


I personally use Pro Tools so I cant really help. All I can say is that I have had no prior experence in music recording but picked up pro tools really quickly. So sell Cubas and get Pro Tools.


I heard Pro Tools was the hardest to use?


I use Reaper and some other smaller audio software for various audio stuff and recording.

What are you trying to do?


Thanks for the responses and help guys. I'm just trying to sequence some noise from presets. I'm wondering if there is any guide for a newb in producing anything since there are a lot of features. I am unaware of the effects. I have a fast guide to cubase that I am starting but not sure if it will cover the basics I need. There are no table of contents in the book either.


I've heard both are easiar or harder. Is there any carry-over from learning basics on them?


I have used ProTools, Cubase/Nuendo and Live and live is the best one in my opinion because it makes the creating and recording tasks innovative and fun vs some of the other ones. Try out Live!!!! You won't regret it.


Fruity loops ftw. Tho i have the legit version not a cracked one im happy to say!