Anyone Use Clomiphene While on TRT?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone uses clomiphene while on TRT? I’ve just started on TRT after a few weeks on clomiphene. I got a very noticeable boost in mood and libido on clomiphene, but I was not getting the mental clarity, energy, and overall boost in wellness that I experienced after just one 250 ml injection of T.

I’m also wondering if it will keep my balls functioning.

Any thoughts, advice, opinions welcome (I’m a newb).

Thanks :slight_smile:

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No clue but your playing with hormones and it takes times. Up down up down… make sure you have a good doc who is holding your hand through this.

Use the search bar on the site and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of posts with your protocol.

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Did you continue to use clomid while on test? If so how did it go?