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Anyone Use Cannabis for Joints/Muscle Aches While Cycling?


I know this is a very controversial topical so I will start off by saying I have never tried marijuana nor do I intend to get “high”.
I am also not talking about your street corner drug dealer weed. I am talking about highly regulated and tested medical(or recreational where it’s legal) marijuana.

I have done research on various joint pain remedies and stumbled across quite a bit of individuals (including some athlete testimonials) who have used cannabis products to alleviate pain.
Some of the products I have looked at include topicals, CBD pills, oils and a few choice edibles. The types of strains associated with these cannabis products are high in CBD (not psychoactive) and very low in THC (psychoactive properties).

My last cycle I used Deca and it helped tremendously with joint aches and pains, this time around I opted not to for various reasons. I supplement with a glucosamine chondroitin msm complex but can tell it won’t do much. I am considering trying a CBD topical as I feel it is the least invasive and users claims it has the best effect on muscles and joints without contributing to a “high” sensation.

So, just curious as to whether anyone has any experience with this and if it’s worth giving it a shot.