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Anyone Use Bulk Protein?


Has anyone ever purchased the 80%-90% bulk (30-50lb bags) whey protein isolate that is unflavored, with no additives, fillers or additional ingredients? Just raw, plain protein. I'm looking at ordering some for cooking and shakes.


It's generally frowned upon to post links to other supplement companies on the web.

Just an FYI, you probably won't get any response.


Do it. Not everyone can afford Biotest, even though it is the best tasting of any protein powder I have ever tried. Some of the ON stuff is okay as well.


I'm not talking about any of the retail proteins. I'm talking about a manufacturer that sells raw, unflavored whey isolate. It has absolutely nothing else in it besides the protein. No flowing agents, no flavorings, color, or anything else except the naturally occurring bcaa's and raw isolate. 2 Tablespoons of this stuff equals 18g of protein.


its great if $$ is a factor


I bet that stuff tastes amazing.


Come on, "I bet that stuff tastes amazing". Read the post!!! I'm not wanting it for taste. I'm wanting opinions about the idea of adding it to my already established protein shake regimen and diet. Now I see why I should just go with my instincts rather than ask for someone else's opinion.


I have, PM me if interested where. Make sure you keep it above 80%, otherwise you might get some really high lactose, which may or may not be a problem for you. It's a lot cheaper, so if you don't care if it's not flavored I would def give it a try to save some cash, and to add it in things that need some more protein. The investment is worth it since you will probably go through it all anyway.


please pm me and let me know how you get on .funny enough just last night i stumbled across a food company that sells that and some other stuff for baby food etc in those quantities but i forgot the companies name i was searching for something else .


Lol at the number of people I know (including me) who has said "I don't care about the taste" and felt hardcore as hell when ordering it and for the first few shakes... Then they start to dread each shake... and then usually end up trying to find ways to mask the flavour!


That being said... I did have a custom blend of whey isolate, leucine, glutamine and creatine made up for me once. Was frothy as hell and tasted/smelt of absolute ass. I would battle through a strongman style GPP workout without throwing up and then have to start the battle all over again with the PWO shake!


what's wrong with flavored whey?


I didn't find plain, unflavored whey to taste bad at all. Not enjoyable to drink, but nowhere close to bad.

I'm sure if I did anything more exotic than mix it with water, it would be virtually tasteless.

I always feel bad for the UPS guy when I order 50lb bags. Make instructions to just dump it by my mailbox so he doesn't feel obligated to carry it up my walkway and shit in the event I'm not home.


I never though it tasted bad, but I would def get bored so I have some flavoring powder. For me I like naturally sweetened stuff, but to each his own. It's also pretty damn cheap compared to things like Metabolic Drive. I def approve of getting bulk whey like that. Not sure what you were looking for OP, but if you want approval you've got a +1 from me.

@benmoore- My only complains with protein shakes were hydrolyzed casein, or walmart 'whey' haha. I don't think they taste great, but I have them during my workout so I'm not really focused on how it tastes (unless its hydro whey of course, fuck that shit)


Biotest used to have unflavored whey. I'm not sure why anyone's trying to hate on that.

No I don't feel hardcore drinking bulk protein. But glutamine and leucine in reasonable amounts aren't going to fuck the flavor over, you sound like a bitch to me.

And yes, I take straight tequila with no chaser. Fuck it.


Poor college-suckah reporting in! Would also appreciate details about this, thanks in advance!


i have - ordered it twice - each time the consistency was totally different which made me wonder about how clean it really was.

i can down most things w/out much issue but for some reason i couldn't take down unflavored whey. i ended up adding so much stuff to it that it cost more in the long run.