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Anyone Use an Electric Razor?

I’ve been thinking of taking the plunge and giving this http://www.braun.com/na/pulsonic/pulsonic.html a try.

I’ve always used a regular blade, lately the Gillette Fusion, which shaves incredibly close. Done right, it leaves my face and neck velvety smooth, whether I rub my hand against it in the upward direction or the downward direction. Granted, I’m not a very heavily bearded guy, but that’s still impressive.

It is does occasionally give me some slight irritation/drying, though, and even more importantly, it takes me about 10 minutes to do it right. (I’m really anal about being thorough when I shave).

If this Braun baby, or any other electric razor, can give me just as close a shave it would be a godsend. I figure that would save me 5 or 10 minutes in the morning.

Anyone use this thing, or anything like it?


I’ve been using a Braun Activator for probably close to two years now, and I love it.

I was iffy at first, but after getting sick of buying blades and dealing with the time, I dropped the cash. I guess it’s like a lump sum vs. payments.

I think someone’s getting me the new Pulsonic for Christmas. If that happens, I’ll let you know how it is.

I’ve used an electric pretty much my whole shaving-necessary life.

I’ve heard really good things about that Pulsonic you have listed, and have it on my Xmas list for this year.

I had planned on asking for that new ‘Arcitec’ shaver, but I’ve heard some terrible reviews for it. All form and no function, apparently.

Does anyone use a straight razor?

[quote]Bauer97 wrote:

I had planned on asking for that new ‘Arcitec’ shaver, but I’ve heard some terrible reviews for it. All form and no function, apparently.[/quote]

Yeah, it does look cool, but I’ve never really liked the three-headed beasts.

Cool. Looking forward to seeing what you guys think of it. Has anyone tried the top of the line Panasonic models? They sound like they get pretty good reviews too. http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/shop/Personal-Healthcare/Men-s-Shavers.list.75125_11002_7000000000000005702

[quote]skaz05 wrote:
Does anyone use a straight razor?[/quote]

Yes. Electric razors pull my hair rather then cut it. I’ve tried numerous ones, but always end up going back to the straight razor. I have a really cheap electric beard trimmer which ill use first if I havent shaved in a couple days.

straight razors can be painful, but if you shave right after you shower its a lot easier.

I’m 21 and have light hair, and can hardly grow what one would consider a beard of any sort. But one thing that always gets thick is my neck.

I’ve used 5 different electric shavers.
I tried the new Norelco, paid $170, returned it. None have seemed to do the trick.

I just recently switched to blade, using Gillete Sensor 2. I get hella irritation around my chin and neck and the shave still doesn’t feel much ‘closer’ than an electric.

Interested in knowing more about this new Braun.