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Anyone Use Alpha Male?


I just started Alpha Male 5 days ago. I'm 38 and in very good shape. I'm 6'2" and 215lbs, run sprints, lift heavy, play flag football, etc. I stay real active. My blood pressure is 100/60.

Thus far I noticed more intensity in the gym, more aggression overall, and my mood seems much more elevated.

But ironically, I have not experienced much difference in the bedroom.

I'll probably cycle two bottles to give it a fair shot.

I also take ZMA at night, 3 capsules. The ZMA I get is typically the Twinlab variety.

What I find really scary is my morning wood has kind of gone away, even with ZMA and Alpha Male. That scares the shit out of me. I still get hard in the bedroom with the wife, but the lack of morning wood concerns me.

Anyone else cycling Alpha Male? Any thoughts?


Lack of morning wood = low test levels usually. Time to go to the doc and get your levels checked including estrogen


The other reason for lack of morning wood is low T to E2 ratio. You can have low T and still get good Norwegian wood as long as your E2 levels are under control.

You mention you are getting results from A/M, and you take ZMA. If I were you I would concentrate on getting my E2 level in check as it has probably risen to a ratio your body doesn't process well.

I'm 49 and currently wake up under a tent every morning. When my E2 levels were too high, I had no morning wood, but I was still able to take care of the wife when "needed". I currently take both trans-resveratrol and adex for E2 control. You may ask why I use both; there are so many other benefits beyond the estrogen agonist and aromitase inhibitor actions from taking trans-resveratrol, that is why I use less adex than I used to when it was used by itself. It's also a cost thing too as my insurance pays for my adex, and I have to pay for the other myself.
I have once "O.D'd" on adex, and only my elbows hurt, nothing else. Well, let me rephrase that: although I had more stamina in bed than I had ever had before (with too much adex) I was unable to orgasm for days on end. My wife was having the time of her life but I wasn't, so after a week or so of not taking adex, things started to work normally again. So for me a little less adex, and a little more trans-resveratrol is the fix.


Update: for the first time in years we had sex three nights in a row. All three nights my response rate was a lot quicker. In fact, by Sunday I only went about half way down. That has not happened in years. So clearly the Alpha Male is having an effect.

I'll cycle off the Alpha Male and have my T checked in July or August.


Glad to hear you went three nights in a row. Get your E2 under control and make it seven in a row; how's that for an idea?


I was less than impressed with Alpha Male.


I was not THAT impressed with Alpha Male cycling 3:1, 4:1 with two pills at breakfast (6 am) and two around 2 pm. I changed up to 4 in the morning with breakfast and all of the sudden I feel a much more aggressive, energetic feeling. So now I am taking 4 every 24 hours but all of them at the same time (which I think Poliquin suggests??)

As for the muscle gain, I have been a lot stricter with my diet and minimum protein intake so I can't tell which is due to the Alpha Male, but I will continue to use the remaining two bottles that I have.


I talked to my Doc about this. One reason that it has mixed reviews is usually not the active ingredient, it's the INACTIVE ingredient. Or should I say the chemical that causes it to be absorbed. Each company uses a different binder. For some, it works, for others it doesn't. That's why some over the counter generics work and other aren't nearly as good as the name brand.

She also said something about leaving out something, I cant remember. Anyway whatever it was it's what keeps it from being classified as a steroid. Some don't need it and can absorb it, others do and cant. Something about a chemical pathway. I really cant remember.


I've been using Alpha Male for a while and like it.

I recommended it to a couple of the older guys at the
gym (like me) and they tell me they don't need their
blue love mints any more. :wink:

Your mileage may vary.



I recently just purchased a bottle of Alpha Male. I am 25 and have low levels of t for my age. I workout hard and follow a paleo-type diet 24/7. Low t levels can happen to anyone no matter what the age. As you age your levels drop 10% every 10 years. Now my question is does anyone think Alpha Male works? I will give it a shot and see what happens but from what ive been reading it sounds like people have mixed reviews.


Yor info is way off.. T-levels will go down if: inactive, shitty eating habits, smoking etc...This is pertaining to the aging 10% deal.

FyI- stay away from alot of plastics, soy and wheat products.