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Anyone Use Ageless?

Does anyone know or have used the MLM supplement ageless? Is it of poor quality being a MLM product such as Herbalife and such?

I actually came on here wondering the same thing. I actually have been taking this for two days. A friend of mine sells the stuff. I probably won’t ever sell it and yes it is a MLM. Here is what I have found.

Tastes pretty bad but you only need one ounce.

Definate increase in mental focus,vigor,concentration.

Deacrease in cravings for sweets at night.

Im not sure they can prove some of the claims about "DNA,cell renewal ect…)

It does have a clear effect though.

the qiestion is, is it because of some of the common ingrediants such as ALP,OKG, green tea or the so called extracts. who knows.

Basically if it makes you more focused and keeps you healthy, then its probably not any worse than some of the bullcrap stuff that I’ve tried before.so, wether they can prove their claims or not doesn’t really matter(unless you have a garage full of it)

If you have a positive effect then I say use it if you want. You don’t have to sell it or become part of a cult like quuixstar. If you want to take it you can buy it.

Im as sceptical as anyone about claims, but the claims of metal clarity and focus are no different than the ones made by Spike which I used as well.

Fountain of youth? I doubt it.good dietary supplement? could be.

The dosage is two shots per day once in morning once around 2pm.

also, the FTC filed suit with the CEO of univera 7 years ago alledging missleading claims.

Claims like “reverseing of the aging process” and treats arthritis.

again though, so many supplement companies are flat out liars as well

Most of the claims I’ve seen are now more genericsuch as “feelyounger” “mental focus”.

It always amazes me when guys with a decent product feel the need to play “GOD” and cure everyone. Can’t just put out a supplement, OHHH fucking noooo, they have to be a bio dome doctor.