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Anyone Use a Treadclimber?

Hi all, does anyone here use a Treadclimber? Would you recommend one to someone who was looking to buy a piece of cardio equipment (i.e. would you recommend it over a treadmill/elliptical/stairclimber)?


I’d personally stick with a rowing machine but for one reason only, a girl I train with on and off totally humiliates me on the treadclimber - It totally kicks my ass.

I suppose I should really say it’s quite a good piece of kit. When talking to Naomi after I have nearly collapsed though and she’s done 10 minutes more than me and hardly broken a sweat I tend to try to make excuses. The excuses don’t work, she just laughs at me.


Best piece of cardio type equipment I’ve ever used. Got bad knees from bike wrecks and other things and no pain when I’m on this. Call up some local gyms and see who has one and try it out. Set it on strength-level 4-add 25+lbs to your actual bodyweight and curse my ass for telling you to get on it.

The 24 I used to go to had tread climbers. I really liked them over the regular treadmills. I would start sweating like crazy after a couple minutes on it. However, I still prefer running outside than any treadmill. Its free!