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Anyone Use a Tib Bar?

Hey friends,

I have just ordered a tib bar. Kneesovertoesguy has made them popular again. They used to be widely used back in the 60s apparently.

I’m wondering who here has used one and what results did you get? I’m hoping to use it to achieve healthier and stronger knees and ankles, and I hope it helps improve my ankle dorsiflexion.


I use the hammer strength tibialis machine at my gym, twice a week.

Slow, controlled reps. Up to a 25 and a 10 per side, working on 3 sets of 20 clean reps. Deep stretch and trying to go up into dorsiflexion as much as possible. Usually superset it with 20 reps of some form of calf raises - seated/standing/donkey.

It’s going to do all of this for you. The tib bar looks neat - nice to add a free weight version. You don’t need to add weight every time, just go slowly. I like to do the first set with my hands touching my shins to feel the muscle flex.

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I’ve actually been able to balance a light preloaded barbell, or even certain dumbbells, on my extended foot to mimic the action. Other than that, my suggestion would be utilizing some type of band work.



I can’t say that I’ve ever used it. How’s it working for you? Do you like it?