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Anyone Use a Thera-cane?

Noticing more knots in my back and neck area. Even after all the stretching still seem tense. Been thinking of getting a thera-cane. Would like to hear what other think about them.


Stretching won’t get rid of “knots”.

Get a massage

I love massages.
But a thera-cane is a lot cheaper in the long run.

The Back-Knobber is better.


I LOVE my theracane. The things is amazing for any type of upper body tightness. I usually use mine 2-3 times a week and hit everything… it work great on you lower and upper back, pecs, delts, biceps, forearms and neck.

I would get this over the back knobber, as the theracane has some small nubbs on it that work great on the bi’s and forearms that the back knobber doesnt have. I dont think I could live without my theracane anymore as it has helped so much. A theracane and a softball are the perfect combo to keep your whole body loose and injury free.

I have one and would recommend it.

Purchased a thera cane and DVD instructional on ebay for $38 w/ S/H. Been rolling around on a softball on my back. Holy cow!!!

Can also use it as a dildo with your girlfriend, or yourself if your that type of person (NTTAWWT).