Anyone Use a Testosterone Blend or HCG Sublingual?

Finally found new Dr that agrees with biweekly Sub Q injections and no AI but recommended HCG sublingual and blended Testosterone of cypionate and propionate. Anyone have experience with either of those?

Waste of money.

Yes, a long time ago, but the only reason we did that was because that’s what we could get. Not sure what the rationale behind that is today.

Sublingual HCG is destroyed in the gut.

It theoretically doesn’t hit the gut, at least not most of it. I have blood work this week, so we’ll see if the HCG sub that I’ve been using has been enough to register. Anecdotally I can say that it’s performed the basic function that the injections did, but I’ll be switching back nonetheless. Too much grey area for sub vs injections as far as I can see.