Anyone Use a Shoulder Horn?

Anyone use the shoulder horn device for training external rotators? I am thinking of buying the one ELite FTS sells but want feedback befor making a purchase.


I find it more comfortable to do my external rotation stuff without it. I might have put it on wrong.

I’ve used them many times. One of the gyms I go to has one. I have a problem taking them off though.

While the Shoulder Horn is a decent piece of equipment, I would spend my money on something more versatile like a set of EFS blast straps (got to love the EFS Christmas sale).

The shoulder horn locks you into only one exercise for your rotators whereas there exists a whole bunch of different exercises that you can do for your rotators. Google (Serious Advice on a Humerus Subject) by Charles Poliquin. I’ve used those exercises since that article was printed in MM2K many years ago.