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Anyone Use a Riser/Deficit for Cleans?

Has anyone used a riser (pulling your clean from a small deficit - a short block of wood) with any success?

I think it would throw off timing, never hurts to try i have seen people do snatch off elevated blocks. Bar higher. Maybe a deficit rdl.Alexev did cleans in a pool.

If you are a competitive weightlifter who needs more power specifically for the liftoff for clean and jerk, then I’d understand someone doing these. Other than that, not really. Too easy to fuck something up unless you know the technique inside and out.

Some believe that awkward lifts make the classical lifts easier.

Check out 4:20!

THanks FlatsFarmer,

That’s just what I need. It doesn’t look as awkward as I imagined. It looks higher than I thought though.

No problem!

If you’re bored some time, check out;

C. T. on the subject.

And contrast that with “Max Aita” talking about the “Bulgarian Method.”

Or “Travis Mash and Louie Simmons talk weightlifting” versus “The JuggLife-Will bands make them dance?”

FlatsFarme- I have listened to the C.T. one , very informative stuff especially on the nutrition and the bodybuilding stuff the Chinese Olympic do mainly for shoulders and lats. I am going try build or beg a riser over the weekend.

I have listened to the Louie Simons - so band tension, double super compensation -banded tension 21 days out for 70% bands . Contrast - I will have to look it up . I guess it means to alternate banded and non-banded i.e. normal lifts. Use more assistance exercise- like glute ham raises , esp back raises , inverse curls (unfamiliar machine), revese hyper . Torokhity also emphasises the back raise.
I can add these easily

Oh man! I didn’t even want to get in on the bands debate! I just wanted to show the different schools of thought.

Some guys say that the best thing to do is the lifts themselves. That nothing is as good as the classical lifts. And even if there was something that was “as good” it would be less efficient, because it wouldn’t be the olympic lift. They talk about stuff like “dynamic correspondence” and “gradual progressive overload.” Mastery of technique through practice and reptition.

Other guys believe that its more effective to get really strong and fast, and to build up movements that make up the olympic lifts. Like snatch grip pulls heavier than your snatch, and deficit work (or band work, or power versions of the lifts, or using pauses) requiring “more pop” than your snatch will build a bigger competition lift faster.

Thanks for the information. I couldn’t find .The JuggLife-Will bands make them dance?" Simmons stuff was very interesting. As he says it is mostly Soviet method or more modern Chinese stuff he has copied. It would be nice to see what he could do with some higher level lifters.

I am definitely going to try band tension including an attempt to raise my deadlift.