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Anyone Use a Muscle Gun or TENS Unit?

Hi guys,

I was curious as to if anyone had experience with a muscle gun-

S-Lemona specifically (see link) but anyone will do

Also the tens unit I have, curious as to if any are better…

Use both, one or the other, neither, get something else etc? All opinions are welcome and appreciated

I’m pretty sure you can get an attachment for a jigsaw instead of the muscle gun. Most jigsaws have three speed settings and may be somewhat cheaper than the muscle gun. Plus you’d have a jigsaw.

Looking at this now…why is the jigsaw better? This one looks like it has 5 settings -one listed above…not trying to give ya a hard time, just trying to learn

Apart from giving you a jigsaw as well as a massage gun? It probably isn’t better, just the same.

I’ve experienced a DIY massage gun, a legit fancy one and an all purpose massager. It’s good shit. Better than the gf giving you the death glare if you ask for a massage for sure

General Purpose Handheld Massagers often accomplish the same. I think the one I used was for equine like horses and shit. Cost a bit over 100 AUD so less in USD. Does the job as good as the pro guns and you save a couple of hundo

Something like this

Use both. Have Empi Select tens unit at home. Gym has various massage guns to use.

They both make ya feel good especially the hurt or sore areas. Don’t know if they actually help healing.

Thanks all!

I don’t know why they always show those being used on the shoulder when that isn’t actually what they’re for. :joy:

I’ve had a tens unit applied to my spine, attatched to accupuncture needles to block pain and reduce inflammation after a dislocation. It worked very well but that was done by an anesthesiologist with accupuncture training and experience. Your mileage may vary.

My aunt uses a TENS thing for…I think her lower back. Helps somewhat, but she’s also very weak and frail and I suspect some general strengthening would help her back pain. Either way, I have little helpful input, other than that she uses some type of TENS thing and has experienced relief from it.