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Anyone Use 5-HTP?


Hey Guys,

Does anyone here use 5-HTP for any numerous reasons? I have been thinking about it to improve sleep cycles. How much do you take and what are your experiences?



BBB may chime in, he’s probably got the most knowledge on this type. I personally don’t like it because of the massive migraine headaches I got from it. Maybe I don’t need extra serotonin?


I used it to restore my serotonin levels after a long vacation with ectasy. It worked well for me, I was having problems sleeping and after a few days I was pretty much back to normal.


I used 150mg (3 x 50mg through the day) on Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss and it seemed to help somewhat with sugar cravings and sleep, although I didn’t really use it for long enough to observe an effect fairly.
I sometimes pop 50mg now and then if I feel like it but this is probably stupid really and more for some kind of placebo effect.


Did you use Z12 or just 5-HTP? The GABA in Z12 can give you a tingly feeling.


Try a slightly lower dose. If I have used too much caffeine and it is late AND I am having trouble falling asleep I use 50mg of 5-htp and 200mg of theanine. Usually works great.
I also have experimented with using 50mg in the afternoon between meals if I am feeling drowsy as a very slight pick me up. Placebo or not, it will even me out, not really energized per se.


I started taking it about 5weeks ago and the results were huge for me but mainly in my moods. I have always been a rather impatient person and its made a night and day difference in that… Im assuming Im lacking serotonin… ?


I had headaches when I tried 50mg of 5-HTP on multiple occasions. I found good old L-Tryptophan (1-3g before bedtime on empty stomach) to have a small noticeable positive effect on my sleep. No headaches from tryptophan.