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Anyone Use 10x3 on Hack Squats?

Getting ready for show. Adding (or at least maintaining leg size). I get more out of hacks and leg presses vs. squats.
Anyone 10x3 on hack squats? It’s kind of a “compound” movement.

Just wondering … Your profile mentioned Indiana. Was wondering which part as a fellow Hoosier.

Since 10x3 would indicate a heavy load I’m not sure that is a great idea with hack squats. That might be tough on the knees. Just my $0.02



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I’m 46
It’s tough on my knees to get out of bed

South east of you on 74 in Greensburg know for the tree growing out of the top of the courthouse.

i know Greensburg
that still count as Indiana? thought it was ohio

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Nope its almost 1/2 way between Indy and Cincinnati… dont confuse me with some buckeyes! LOL

Hack squats work, 10 x 3 works. Id say you’re golden aslong as it doesn’t cause injuries