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Anyone @ UF or Gainsville Area?


I'm gonna in g.vill this thrus-sun. looking for someone to sneak me into the UF rec center, or show me where the good places to party are.

or if there's a gym around that charges by the day


horrible weekend to come to the ville man...the semester is done on friday so "dead week" begins. the gym is closed on sat and sunday, has horrible hours on thurs and fri, and no one is really gonna be going out because everyone is done with spring classes and will have gone home.



good buddy of mine is graduating / commissioning into the navy this weekend. really no other choice.

can you suggest ANYTHING to me? i've already got the hot date thing taken care of


pfft typical Gators.

The Tennessee Vols still know how to party during finals week.


I know Nate Dogg lives down near/by Gainesville.

I'm not FROM Gainesville, but I have family down there so I frequent the area once in a while.

As for things to do - I don't know. There's really not going to be a whole lot going on like rotty said. Just don't formulate an opinion about the town because of the slow-ass week.


fantastic. looks like i'll be getting drunk and wearing alabama football t.shirts so i can instigate fights for entertainment.



Let's see, this weekend is graduation, so that means the clubs and bars will be pretty busy on Friday night and possibly Saturday night.

You could go to the bars in "Midtown" which is across from the football stadium. Good ones include the Grog House and The Swamp. Or dive bars like Balls or a dance club called XS.

Or you can go downtown where most of the other clubs are located including Marketstreet (80's night on Friday), Rue Bar, Bar One, and numerous others playing a variety of music/styles.

At the very least, every restaurant is going to be jammed back on Friday and Saturday from all the parents, students, family and friends.

What are you interested in doing?

As for places to train, you'll need to know a UF student to get into the rec center as they are allowed one guest per semester.

Or you can head to a number of other gyms in the area like Powerhouse Gym, the Gainesville Gym (hardcore gym), Alter Ego Fitness and the Gainesville Health and Fitness Center. You can get a day pass at any one of them.


nate man. i think i love you.

yeah, i've got a hot girl to acompany down there, so i was hoping to find a good place where she could shake her ass all over me.

looks like i'll be headed to downtown.

you reccomend any good resturants? something unique over there?

i'll be staying with my buddy who's graduating, so i'll see about him getting me into the rec.

you gonna be in the area that weekend? let me know nate, i'd love to buy you a beer. or two. or tequila shots. you know, to take advantage of you and stuff.

wait what?


well, any clubs you'd recommend? i'd rather not shell out 5 or 6 10 dollar covers (on tops of my dates)


You're in luck...many places are only $5 (or free) to get in.

If you're going out tonight, then go to Marketstreet for 80's night. It's $5 cover and has a 21+ crowd.

If you prefer Booty dancing, then check out Rue Bar or Bar 1 downtown or stick to midtown and check out XS (next to the dive bars and across from the UF Stadium). I think they are all 18+.

For restuarants, I highly recommend Emiliano's Cafe downtown for some good cuban food:


Or if you want high-end, really good food then check out the Paramount Grill downtown (near Emiliano's):


Or for Sushi, you can go to Dragonfly Sushi downtown:


A great Asian Fushion restuarant near Dragonfly is called Liquid Ginger (not too expensive and really good):


There is also Leonardo's 706 very close to downtown:


Or if you want to stick around the midtown area, check out The Swamp:


Or right behind the swamp is Cafe Gardens.

You can PM me if you get this, and I'll give you my cell number. I'm going to see the Wolverine movie tonight, and we have plans to see the Ragtime Musical tomorrow, but I'll have time before or after both of those to meet up with you.



If you go to Grog prepare to be insanely hot. That's all I have to contribute.


Nate, you are the man. I will hit you up when I head over to FL in the near future.


Let me know yo!


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I'll add a Roll Tide to that lol


This was taken after we won the National Championship this year... OOPS!

And at least the Big 12 overhype is retarded for a few months...


fuck yeah! ima be partying it up with nate dawg sat night.

be jealous


It'll be on like Donkey Kong if you manage to recover from tonight!


By the way, the Gators will repeat as National Champs this year. They have most of their starters and an even easier schedule.



...and 11 returning starters on defense. I think that's what people should be really scared of.