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Anyone Try TO Bands?

Anyone ever try out T. Owens’ Bands? Seems like a decent addition to a home gym for only 100 bucks. I have a super bench, ironmaster dumbells up to 120s and a pullup bar. The long term plan is to get a power rack and olympic barbell set but that will have to wait until i move to a bigger place. I would say like 3 or 4 years.

In the meantime I was curious if the bands would be a decent investment to add more variety to my workouts. What is the verdict on these things? Total gimick or a decent addition to my equipment?

I use elastic bands/tubing all the time. They are an excellent tool in the toolbox. Perfect for woodchoppers and hitting angles that you can’t ordinarily hit with machines or free weights.

TO’s bands, btw, are excellent.

Thanks a lot for your input Ovalpline. Anyone else have any experience with them? Good or bad.

I owned the TO bands for almost a year and they hold up quite well. I highly recommend them

I’ve got the bodylastics set. They work great for travel, or if you don’t feel like driving to tha gym once in a while. I use them for rotator cuff work pretty often.