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Anyone Try This Weightgainer?


Has anyone used the weight gainer "Muscle Juice"? Does anyone know if its a good product? I'm using XRated right now but it makes me sick because I'm lactose intolerent, granted it's working.


Dude, just use Grow!. Taste great and lactose free. I use it all the time when I'm bulking.


I have never heard of it, but I don't know much about weight gainers. And to Iatguy - Grow! is a great protein but hardly a weight gainer. Maybe if it had a 1000 calories in it you could make a comparison


You add other stuff to it and viola weightgainer that's high quality too!


Yeah it's got 1000 cals. in it so thats good but I just wondered if anyone on here used it and if it helped. I'm really going to need this because over summer I'll be in off season and training like 3-4 hours a day with LOTS of running. Not to mention I'm an ecto. And I just found one with 2200 cals. in it hahahahah, nice. It's got like 450g Carbs and like 100g Protein. Damnnn.


A weight gainer is basically a mix of protein and carbs. Classic Grow! fits the bill, and is a very good product.

If you need a 1000 calories from a weight gainer shake, you really need to start eating some goddamn food. You can supplement with a shake, but you won't get a lot of the micronutrients that you need to put on decent muscle mass. It should be a supplement, not your whole friggin diet.

One of the Tips of the Day was a good mass building receipe for a shake. It had oats, milk, Classic Grow!, bananas and all sorts of good shit in it. Look it up, and drink your Classic Grow!.


It's by Prolab, right??

Anyways, brings back memories of a wt. gainer by Anthony Clark, the late famous powerlifter. He & his power-team came to my high school & were awesome. But I remember his drink had everything plus the kitchen sink in it.

It has some weird stuff too, like brains from a monkey?? Or something like that. It was wild! Lol.


You see, this is retarded. You can make any shake with 2200 cals in it if you put enough of the shake powder in there. In this one, you're talking about at least 500 - 600grams of powder plus protein and carbs from milk (if you mix it with milk).

How long do you think your tub of powder is going to last?


Which is exactly the purpose of the "hahahhaha". I found it stupid as well. And for those that are nay-sayers on weightgainers, over summer I'm going to need about 6,000 calories, as I have extensive training and a very fast metabolism. Why is it bad to use something to help get in a hell of a alot of Calories? And I would definantly use that Classic Grow! mixture with all the stuff if my dad would allow me to get shipments but he won't, so I'm stuck with the weight gainers. And they actually have a supprisingly good level of vitamins and minerals.


Let me get something straight - I think liquid calories are a great idea if you need an ass load of calories. I just think that a shake should contain whole food as well.

Many weight gainers are cheap and nasty, basically bottom line proteins with sugar added in for extra calories. I would sooner get a good brand protein, and add in carbs from natural sources, like bananas, malt, honey, soaked oats, passionfruit, strawberries, etc. If you're lactose intolerant, use lactose-free milk.

I still use this mega shake idea with Classic Grow!. It's cheaper in the long run and better for you.

PS Tell your old man that Classic Grow! is a weight gainer. It's the best on the market.


Here's a good weight gainer you can make for cheap.

1 cup lowfat blueberry yogurt
1 banana
1 cup 2% milk
Ice for texture (optional)
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder (optional)

Put into blender

value without protein powder:
24 g protein, 80 g carbs, 8g fat

If you add the protein powder, you can bump the protein up without adding many carbs


Forgot to mention, without the protein powder, it is 488 calories. One or two of these a day should do the trick.


Very true, I'll try this. Thanks for the tips man.


Doesn't the protein/carb ratio and cal/per serving of Muscle Juice makes it a bit more of a laxative?

If you're not going to go with your own recipies w/ Metabolic Drive, N-Large is more manageable, more protein per serving.

Just my 2 scoops


Muscle Juice is o.k. if you can get it for a good price. I used if for a while but started to make my own shakes like the ones posted here and I got better results. Use oatmeal, yogourt, natural p-b and protein powder and make them yourself. It costs less and works better. The first time though I drank powdered oatmeal, I got the shits real bad, so the first time just make sure you're close to home. Unless you don't mind shiting in public toilets. But these were like loud wet sounding shit blasts, ya wouldn't want to do that in a public bathroom.

take care,
tin can


Muscle XGF from AST looks to be a descent product from the label. Just came out like 2 weeks ago. It has a blend of like 8 different proteins and a good amount of fat cals so it would be a good nighttime shake.

As far as weight gainers go, just make your own! 2 scoops of protein, 2 cups of milk, 1/4 cup cottage cheese, tsb honey, 1/4 cup oatmeal, a bananna and some blueberries... badda bing. You're pushing 1000 cals with that one and its all healthy stuff


Did you really need to share all that?


Most weight gainers are just sugar and protein.
If you have time,why don't you just get that from foods and enjoy your bulk?


I'm going by McDonalds later on and am going to stick my head in the door and ask all the folks inside if they have tried Burger Kings Whopper.

Um...no I guess I wouldn't do that....


This is definitely something to keep in mind.

The Russian Bear 5000 lasts gets you four servings out of a 4# tub. So, figure it's $30/4 = $7.50 a day, plus $2 for the gallon of milk....

Not that anyone aked about Russian Bear, but I saw it in the store the other day and had to leave as I was laughing so hard.

Do people actually take that stuff?