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Anyone Try This Instead of a Shake?


I was reading through the latest edition of Men's Fitness and in there is an interview with Randy Orton of WWE.

In the interview he mentions how he used to drink his protein shakes out of a shaker cup until Chris Benoit mentioned to him how he hates those cups because they stink up quickly.

So, what's Benoit's solution? He puts the two scoops of protein IN HIS MOUTH then takes a couple of swigs of water to wash it down.

That's pretty hardcore, if you ask me. I don't know if I could handle putting dry protein powder in my mouth. I can't imagine that tasting better than when using a shaker cup, if anything, I would imagine the taste would be worse.


I have been known to do this upon occasion. Strawberry Metabolic Drive tastes like cotton candy. I have not tried it with other flavors yet. The only bad part is the powders instantly give you cotton-mouth. Still, it is useful occasionally, especially if you do not have a bottle around.


I tried it once... a little powder ended up in my throat and I coughed most of it out in my room. My carpets been kinda sticky ever since.


I usally do that, it is a lot faster than having to mix it.


I would make sure you drink a lot of water or milk before and after you go gulping down powder. Powder needs some liqued to help in become absorbed.


You sure that's protein powder that's making your carpet sticky?

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I've done that with a smaller amount of a less-liquid-consuming powder, like creatine, but never protein powder.

I just can't imagine fitting enough liquid into my mouth to make a scoop of protein powder, let alone 2 scoops, dissolve enough so that it's not like trying to swallow a mouth-sized gob of fudge.

And for those who can do this, I certainly hope you're drinking a lot of fluid before/after this protein powder consumption, because 2 scoops is an assload of protein to put into your body if the only fluid you're having with it is the 2oz. of water you use to wash it down...


ugh, I sure hate when other messages don't show up until after I post mine, making me look like a total assbag for saying the exact same thing...