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Anyone Try This Diet?


Anybody here tried the abs diet from Men's Health?



Why do you need it when you claim to be 9 or 8.5 % bodyfat?


It's for a friend man.


Did Dirk digler write this or elite "shoe boy" baller. Check the title...


Is this the diet where you're not allowed to eat unless you're holding up a basketball shoe?


I think its for people on a SHOEstring budget!


I did it before and it worked. I like Berardi's stuff better.


hey man i'm trying to be serious here


could you post a picture so we can get an idea of what your body fat percentage is?


the abs diet is basically a beginer plan to introduce someone to eating clean 6x a day.. it is good i lost 30lbs in 6 weeks, but again i was 260lbs when i started and i did not really workout much before that. so i lost weight incredibly fast. but its good none the less. the book is great and will provide really good information on nutrition and meal timing etc.. and its in text that we can understand, its not written by a scientist in some far off laboratory using jargon that noone can understnad