Anyone Try This Combo?

Im currently running my pct for my past cycle and already starting to conjure up some ideas for my next. Was thinking something along the lines of

Test E - 750mg/week 1-10
Deca - 500mg/week 1-10
Masteron 100mgEOD week 10-16
Maybe throw some anavar in there the last 6 weeks as well.

Any thoughts, comments, or critiques would be welcomed.

I don’t understand the Masteron weeks 10-16. Why would you not run it concurrently with the other stuff?

almost the way one might add winny the last 4-6 weeks of a cycle, I just can’t personally take the joint pain it comes with so I figured I would give masteron a try

Run the test to 12 weeks. Stop the deca at 10 and run the mast all the way through.

May as well use mast enahate instead as well and shoot that the same time as the test and deca.

Drop the var.

Just my 2 cents.

If you are going for size than I would drop the mast and the var. Use your test and deca the way LillGuy said and add some dbol for the first four weeks.

I’m not looking for huge mass gains, more along the lines of gaining some good size and then finishing up with something like masteron to shed the excess body fat gained and harden up.

I like adding var half way thru the cycle, i do this primarily to cut the severe bloat that i always manage to end up with i also add low dose proviron all the way till the end, this allows me to be gyno free and allows me to not look like a marshmellow. :slight_smile: