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Anyone Try the Texas Strength GHR/Reverse Hyper?


i just bought an econo ghr from elitefts
AND THEN i see this
i could have got a ghr + rh for less?
elitefts did scare me a bit by saying everyone else gets the angles wrong on the ghr
anyone use this piece?


check out the combo ghr $750

what you think???


I have seen TSS equipment manufacturing first hand, lifted on their equipment and can vouch and say they make excellent strength equipment, they facilitate literally every single High school powerlifting meet in south Texas and have made equipment for world class athletes. I know they have not been in the game as long as some, like Elite FTS but their equipment is just as good, and in some aspects better than the competitors. They have their equipment all over the world and i know thousands of lifters have used them at one point or another. Just ask around. I hope this helped.


x2. Ive seen some of their equipment at a couple of high school gyms. From the little I used them, I was more than please. Very solid and durable stuff. Im glad you found this product OP. I didnt know they made a combo. I think very highly of EFS(who doesnt?) but they are running a business like everyone else so they have to push their products. With that said, I doubt EVERY other company has screwed up on their GHRs.


Just wanted to mention that since I was off work today, I went by TSS to check out some of their equipment for my near future home gym(I live close by their location). After trying out the combo GHR/Reversehyper, I absolutely recommend it. Most companies that produce combo equipment usually do a shitty job. While this isnt the quality of a single GHR, its damn near close. The reverse hyper is just as solid as others Ive used. And for the cost its a damn fine deal


one worry i have it that i hear some dudes are using 500lbs+ on that reverse hyper
and im not sure if the TSS's design will hold that many plates

its a V not a U

and i just ordered the econo GHR!!!

thanks for the recon, farmer.
if it does hold that much i could SELL the econo
and buy the tss ghr combo to at least save space and maybe money

thanks guys


Hey farmer, where is their location? I'm in San Antone and have been to their website but I was unaware they had a business location.


This is stupid but I honestly cant remember the exact address. I asked them for it and they sent me an email but I cant seem to find the email. Go to their website and send them an email. They'll give it to you.


I can understand the worry. Although the material is high quality, Im not too sure about the shape of the base. When I tried it out, I put 200lbs(I brought my own weights just in case. Always prepared) on it and I didnt feel any shaking or bouncing of the steel.


For future reference, check out www.legendfitness.com. I know not on subject but equipment related. I have trained on power-lift, samson, york...all the top names in college s&c equipment and legend is right up there in quality but WAY less in price. I used them to outfit my basement and couldn't be happier.


i checked out legend.
their cage doesnt have a sumo base
and they dont have a reverse hyper

their prowler looks interesting

BUT THEY dont have their prices on the page

what kind of shit is that?


I noticed that too(the no price thing). I hate when businesses do that.


But I have to say. I dont think Ive ever seen a prowler model as designed so well as that one. Its not totally different than EFS's Prowler and P2 but it does look well built. Non-replaceable sled ski's is what blows though.


I have the econo GHR from EFS and would not trade it. Personally, I don't need a RH. I have used one extensively and just don't need to have one in my home gym. I absolutely HAVE to have a very well built GHR though.


I agree 100 percent. Reverse hyper never did a damn thing for me.Dont get me wrong it is great for keeping your back healthy, but it does not match the ghr when it comes to building size and strength. GHR and camber bar good mornings are ALL YOU NEED.