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Anyone try Testopel

I’m in my early 40’s, have been training for over 20 years, but my test levels are unusually low (in the 200 range). Needless to say, my libido is pretty shot.

So after talking about possible treatment protocols with the endocrinologist I saw, we decided to try Testopel.

That was about 5 months ago. My t-levels increased to the 800 range, but my libido never got any better.

Last week, I had my levels checked again they were unusually low (again in the 200 range). So we repeated the testopel (this time with 12 pellets; the first time he injected 10 pellets).

I’m at my wits end. This problem started about 10 years ago. I’ve tried injectables and gels and nada…nothing seems to work.

Test levels in the 800 range coupled with low libido seems an impossibility. There HAS to be something that the doc I’m seeing is missing.

Any ideas?

Read the stickeys to find out proper protocols. Use the search function to find threads on testopel.

Yes, I have tried Testopel. If you do a search on this site and others, you can find some others who have tried it as well. 5 months is probably way too long in between implants. Most people are more like every three months. Unfortunately, you go up but yes you will come all the way down again.

If it were possible to be precise, it would be ideal if you could supplement with gels or shots on the way down. Regardless of the means of T replacement it sounds as if there are other things at play. High or normal testosterone alone may not be enough to restore your libido. There are other factors that can come into play that could negate some of the benefits of the testosterone; one obvious one could be high estrogen levels.