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Anyone Try Super Pump?


hi guys,

anyone got any thoughts on super pump (i.e worth it or not) as a pre workout drink. need to put on more mass, and this is supposedly quite good?


Makes you feel good. The end.


i've had people tell me they use it.

i've also had people tell me they like anal.

doesn't mean I'm going to try it.


I hear excess calories are good too


I tried it for shits and giggles. It worked - as far as giving you a good pump. However that pump went away after the gym rather quick. I then tried it with plasmajet and that worked even better, it gave me crazy pumps... but again it went away shortly after leaving the gym.

Would I take them again. Probably not. It seemed like a lot of money to just be pumped up in the gym.

My reasoning was to test to see if I noticed any difference in overall muscle gain, which i did not.

Now maybe if someone had a photoshoot it be a good idea.

On a side note it tasted like hell.