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Anyone Try Pro-Rep Method?

Would like to know more about the above. Serge Nubret came up with this, it’s how he trained. Has anyone tried it & how were your results??? I’ve only read about it in one book, nowhere else have I seen it before. The book is called “BEEF IT”.

If The Nub used it, the thread deserves a bump.

I have no idea what this entails, but I’d like to hear more about it too.

Always liked Nubret’s physique.

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There was a nice article done on him in MuscleMag about 3-4 months ago. He still looks amazing. He talked about how he would down a container of Isopure every 5 days to get enough protein.

He’s one of my all time favs. from the good ol’ days.

Anyone on the Nubret Pro-Rep method?? I guess I’ll type in what it says here in my book about it. Give me some time. It’s very interesting!

Hard to believe no one has any info on this. I’ll post it up tmr. what is written in the book. Very interesting!

Also, great article written in MuscleMag about 3-4 months back on Nubret. He still looks amazing & was getting ready for a guest posing or contest, and was downing an entire container of Isopure every 5 days!

He said he had trouble eating like he did back in the day to get his daily protein, so he had to take in more liquid protein.

Is this the method where you try to do 100 reps in only four sets? At first, you might get 25, 20, 20, 15, 10 and 10 reps. Each session you try to do more reps per set until you only need four sets to get all 100 reps.

can anyone enlighten us on this? Or should I simply say …Bump?

[quote]Kal-El wrote:
can anyone enlighten us on this? Or should I simply say …Bump?[/quote]

I’ll type it in tonight!

Kal-El wrote:
can anyone enlighten us on this? Or should I simply say …Bump?

I’ll type it in tonight!


Cool sounds good

I have a book called ultimate mass or something like that.It has past stars “secrets” such as arnold,nub,yates,shawn ray,Big Lou.Im sure these “secrets” would nearly kill people.the amount of sets and reps they done was beyond anyone with a job and kids could expect to do.The only exeption was yates who had low volume.

thought id share this with u guys,if i find the magazine i might even post it up here for u guys.


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Serge Nubret of France has a unique way of training. At one time he trained very heavily and could curl over 240 lbs. and bench press 500. Today he exercises using a singular, seldom-practiced principle.

Nubret introduces progression into his training, not by constantly pushing the poundages higher & higher, but by pushing his rep count up. In actual fact it is a double progression, since he also tries to “race the clock.”

If, for example, it took him 45 mins. to do 30 sets of an exercise one day, the next day Nubret will try to squeeze out 31 or 32 sets in the same length of time. He often wills himself to beat the rep record of the prior set.

Using the seated db curl, Serge may start off by doing a set of 10 reps with a 45 lb. db, and in his second set will do 11 reps, his third set 12 reps, and so on, all with the same weight. The secret of Nubret’s method lies in his ability to “feel” an exercise by pure concentration on the movement he is doing at the time.

Nice rep ladder. But over-all nothing new - more work in less time. Yes it will work, but the whole ‘one and only principle’ thing…

Sounds like a form of EDT.