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Anyone Try Out Chia Seeds?


I recently learned from a non exercise related site that Chia Seeds (as in Chia Pets) are not only edible but actually healthy.

Does anyone have any experience with this stuff? I use ground flax seed but if Chia is easier to digest and/or tastes better (not a fan of Flax) I'd happily try it.


Did you read this weeks articles?


As far as your question about taste...they really are flavorless. I put them in protein shakes and salsa.


Nope haven't read this week's article yet. Oh the irony.


I put a TBSP in my oatmeal every morning. Can't really tell they're there.

The wife puts them in her protein shakes.


Food for thought: You can get ground chia seeds and ¡really! not tell they are there. I bought some sprouted ground seeds, although I'm pretty sure sprouting doesn't have much of an effect on chia's nutrient profile, but it can't hurt (I don't think anyway).


It's funny that this week's articles mentioned them, I just finished Dr. Bowden's '150 healthiest foods', and he writes about them in there. Makes me consider using them instead of so many green veggies next time I cut. Already found some good deals online,.. $20 for a lb and a half, figure I can sprinkle 2 Tbsp into my oatmeal, get an additional 6g fiber, some complete protein, healthy fats, AND they'll expand in your gut to create more satiety.... works for me! -lol.




Check it out: Eat Cookies, Have Abs Anyway


Wow, Chris, who knew you were so handy around the kitchen? -lol


This was run on Dave Tate's site, and I was thinking of trying it out with a bit of Chocolate Metabolic Drive,... now I'm thinking maybe a few chia seeds thrown in? :smiley:



I'm like Bobby Flay, without the moobs.

Chia seed bons-bons:

Leave out baking powders from above recipe, roll into balls, roll in unsweetened coconut (optional), freeze - don't cook, eat.

Same thing tastes even better with almond flour instead of chia flour, but both work.

More ideas over at the blog.


$6.99 a pound


Actually, I found another site (forgot it already even though I placed an order -lol), where I got 3 lbs for $20. Should arrive by the time I'm officially done with my contest diet, so I'll see what protein/chia laced goodies I can whip up in the kitchen (already broke out an old ice cream maker I haven't used in years! .... Metabolic Drive ice cream anyone?)



I soak my chia seeds in water before eating them, if I recall they absorb 12x their mass in water so its an awesome way to stay hydrated if you don't have the convenience of carrying loads of water.


Chia seed 'pudding' seems to be a popular recipe. Since I've never tried it, I can't recommend it or not. But if you already have the seeds, there are a lot of recipes out there.


Hmm dont know if anyone wants to know this but in denmark Chia seeds have been banned because you can develop allergies from it.

they do however have acceptet 2 brands..


Just ordered some off Amazon, 2 pounds for $10.



What's next, sunflower seeds?


has anyone here come to a conclusion about whether or not salba or chia is the best? All the information online seems to come from a 'salba' specific website.

Be cool if Shugart has an opinion on this.


Thanks, local store charges $16/lb


That sounds weird. A lot of people are allergic to peanuts, doesn't mean we should stop selling them.


Not sure what salba is, but why does it have to be one or the other? Walnuts are great because of high omega-3 content for a nut, doesn't mean we should only eat those and never almonds.