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Anyone Try Making Moon Shine?


Anyone tried to make Corn whiskey or Moonshine? As I have been looking at fermentation I started looking at stills and whiskey.

Seems like stills are really easy to make. Along with the method of making it. This guy says its 185 proof.


When I first read your thread title, and even before I read your name, I said to myself, ""This seems like something Dirtbag would post".



got summa this 'shine from my freinds in Lower 'Bama.

You damn right its 180 proof.

coupla shots and the rest of the day is a blur........

BUT. shit'll kick you in the head in the morning.

I's poison whiskey.


Apparently, it'll make you post in a southern accent, too!

That jar looks like something you'd have a doctor examine.


I just buy my booze from the store like normal people.


Sorry for the intruption..

Oh here is a disclaimer cause it might be illegal in your area to make your own "likker","spirits","booze", "white lightening" Check with the laws in your area blah blah blah ..now take some dam fucking responsibility about what you do!!

May this thread continue....


You can't mention shine with out Popcorn Sutton the master himself. RIP


Whats in the jar besides the liquid?


Looks like either mushrooms, or a rattlesnake.



they put in dried fruit to help the taste....this one had dried peaches...(IH is right, they look like empty ballsacks).

I had another jar that had mangos of all things.....


My first time drinking when I was 15 I got fed poorly made shine and got 'white lightening' aka I went blind because there was too much methanol content (that's what I've been told) and rolled around in my own vomit until I passed out. Good times.


Well guess you were dead on on that one. LOL


Looks like peaches to me, but I'm not sure what the green thing is.


Yes, make some real jungle juice (not with Everclear) every other weekend.


Excuse my ignorance but what is jungle juice?


It's serious stuff. I've heard stories about the "jake leg". Apparently, back in the day, people who drank a ton of moonshine would experience paralysis of one or both of their legs.

I'm not sure if it was due to quantity or quality of the moonshine, but I've heard it from multiple people.


Its heavy metal posioning, like lead etc. If moonshine is not distilled properly the metal leaches of the canisters into the liquid. I'm from east Tennessee and have had a few drinks in my lifetime. I prefer the peach also.


From my research into the subject that some bootleg shine stills would add rubbing alcohol and other stupid garbage to the mash to increase the alcohol. Or use substandard boilers that have steal lead other heavy metals in them. So when your alcohol vapor comes in contact with them they transfer into the final product.

The other thing is that there is impurities that are filtered out when cold filtered through charcoal and in the aging process in barrels.


Well it matters, but to most of America's fraternities it's Everclear (swill that it is) and fruit soaked for 4-5 days. However, real jungle juice, is the same thing with moonshine. Usually comes in a 50 gallon barrel. On Thursday, take your dixie cup fill it up with JJ, eat a piece of fruit, drink the JJ. Wake up on Monday in time to watch MNF.


Is taste really the issue when you're dealing with alcohols that are 180-190 proof? I mean really, it's all just about saving money by having your alcohol come in a form that tastes like being kicked in the face by a horse that is on fire.