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Anyone Try 'Instinctive' Training Like This?

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Pretty much I picked 4 “big” lifts, did a weight I can do 12-15 times and I did as many sets as I felt needed with only about 20 seconds rest.

For example, I did Dips (with a chest emphasis):

set 1: 15 reps
20 sec rest
set 2: 10 reps
20 sec rest
set 3: 6 reps
20 sec rest
set 4: 5 reps

ect ect.

I ended up doing 8 sets with my final set only doing 2 reps. So what I did was total my reps up and try and beat tha next time.

It was fun, gave me a great pump!

After dips I did, pull downs, high rep clean and press, bb curls, calf press.
2morrow ill do some squats, rows, some tris and hams probably.

Has anyone tried anything like this? Or better question, is this a stupid way to train?

i think any workout that gives you the ability to make some sort of progress week after week is going to get you good results. This type of thing is obviously not the best for trying to maximize strength, but it looks like it will put your muscles through an intense training session.

try it for a month and if it helps your goals(whatever they may be) come back and let us know.

thx for the input. this was just something I wanted to try. How do you (or anyone) think results could be in terms of hypertrophy? I mean (assuming my nutrtition is in check) is this something that could lead to muscle gain?

and again it was just something I tried I am merely just looking for opinions to help see where my thinking is at.

thx as always.