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Anyone Try Hoodia?


I want some info on Hoodia.....brands, personal experiences etc.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!





Clearly you have no experience...I specifically asked for personal experiences.


Gee thanks...why didn't I think of that?????

Clearly you have no personal experience so get the fuck outta here.



By the looks of you you won't be needing any Hoodia.


You're looking very similar to today's Powerful Image.


thanks flower

I'll trade her a rack o' ribs for some info on Hoodie


I thought perhaps a serious reply to this thread was warranted. LOL, I work at a vitamin store, ive tried hoodia, and yes it does work, youve got to play around with the dose, anywhere from 250-500, and see what works, but it works, its not a stimulant or anything, it just tricks your brain into believing your full, hope that helps


I just ordered some Venom. Hopefully it gets here tomorrow. I'll post my thoughts after I've given it a go.


Now brand (the plain hoodia) works well.

Source naturals didn't work at all for me and at least one other person.

Not everyone responds.


thanks guys...looking forward to the follow up!!!


I've tried several brands. Maybe my dose was too low, but I didn't notice a marked effect. It's very overpriced in my opinion, and also very hard to find 'real' hoodia. I won't use it again.

For fat loss and lean muscle preservation, I'd go with forskolin (which is in Carbolin 19).


I got the Venom on Monday, started it on Tuesday. One pill a day in the AM.

After two days:

I'm down 3.5 pounds since Tuesday (228.5 to 225). I still get a LITTLE hungry, but it takes longer between meals. I'm drinking 3 Grow! shakes (3 scoops each) and eating 3 grilled chicken salads per day. I have NO cravings. That's what I notice the most. I feel "good" on it. Not buzzed at all, but good.

My wife is also taking it. She is noticing even more of an appetite loss. She says by lunch, the thought of eating makes her a little nauseous and she has to force herself to eat. By the evening, she doesn't have a problem eating. Again, no cravings.


I read a news story about this. I believe 7 out of 10 brands of Hoodia won't work because there is either not enough Hoodia in the product and too much filler or no Hoodia at all and its just con artists.

NOW Foods is always a sure bet for products.


I have a bottle of the now version. Does not seem to make any difference.


This weekend I ate TGIF's jack daniels steak and shrimp, potato skins, a double-meat double cheese whataburger, large order of onion rings, pringles, reese's peanut butter cups, home-made pizza. Had to force some of it down.

Still weighed in at 222 this morning. That's 6.5 pounds down in 6 days, only 4 of which was I actually dieting.


Hoodia is weak I noticed nothing after taking it. They said Africans used to eat hoodia before going on long hunts to give them stamina for the long hikes and what not. I didn't get a bit of extra energy or increase in stamina from this junk! Get you an Endorush those things are stout I have tried a lot of things in my day and Endorush is the strongest stimulant yet. I must warn you that you might feel like you did a rail of yay after downing a bottle so be forwarned!


20 days taking 1 pill a day, now down to 216.2 lbs. That's 12.3 pounds. I'm not really even watching what I eat anymore. Just making sure I get some protein in fairly often. No clue about caloric intake overall, though. No hunger. I didn't know my scale would weigh to anything other than the half-pound until I got below 220, then it started weighing to the nearest tenth.



I noticed there are a few different versions ov venom, which are you taking?


I didn't know there were different versions. The one I'm using says Venom Hyperdrive 3.0