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Anyone Try CW's 10/10 Program?


Did anyone try out CW's 10/10 yet? I was thinking of doing it this summer... any thoughts.
Height : 5'11
Weight : 165lbs


Sorry, never even heard of it.


I have done it the past two years to start off the year (although next year I may trade that out for the VDiet as I'm just about finished with my first go at that). Follow his recommendations to the letter and it should work like a charm--I didn't quite hit a 10-10, but rather about a 9-9 (ie., lost on average between the two times 9 pounds of fat and put on about 9 pounds of muscle).

I didn't realize it was working until folks stopped me in the gym and asked me what I was doing "different." Give it a shot!


The diet will give you some interesting results and insight, I've had better results off of a traditional split so I abandoned the program after about 6 weeks.


Why are there three threads with Chad Waterbury's name or initials in the title in the bodybuilding forum?

...Any thoughts.


i have tried the program and belive its more of a finisher in terms of if you have a good amound of muscle and need to rip up. the excerises selection is pretty good . but the deit is pretty low cals even in the bulk phase


I always find it interesting/ironic that the same people talking about Waterbuy and doing his stuff on this board are 8 out of 10 the same people doing the VDiet thingy.