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Anyone Try Blending Size and Strength V2.0


I'm going to admit it. I don't like change. I've been following a body part split workouts (mostly from CT) for about the three years now and made good progress. but i believe now is a good time for a change of pace just to give my body something it isn't used to.
I've been searching for a decent look program, I had my eyes set on Starting Strength, Doggcrapp, Waterbury's LIft fast get big, and others.........

However, I believe i found a program that i can stick with and have fun with, "Blending size and Strength V2.0" Has anyone gave this program a shot and recieved good results?
Or if anyone can suggest any other programs that primarily focus on mass that they have tried and enjoyed the results that wouldnt mind posting that would be great. Thanks



Sounds like a dumb idea to me.


I worked out according to that program and it was one of the most effective i've ever tried. I put a lot of emphasize on the strength days and by making the "light" days really light, the recovery seemed very optimal. I am not an advanced athlete but wouldn't call myself a beginner also. I really liked the program, pretty sure it would work for everyone as good as it worked for me :slight_smile:


Statements like this bug the shit out of me. It isn't that people should avoid enjoying their training...however, the people in the gym more worried about "having fun" than they are about making progress are almost always the people who will not be making much physical progress over the next year...unless you count those on a crash diet simply losing some body fat.

Why is that? Because real bodybuilding...the kind that makes people who haven't seen you in months take a step back and say, "damn, what are you eating?" is fucking hard, grueling, painful and rigorous...just as much as it is euphoric, inspiring and motivational. I don't go to the gym to have fun. I go to get stronger and bigger according to my goals.

Changing routines that are working just to "do something different" is retarded UNLESS you are one of those weekend warriors who acts like gym time is supposed to be like an amusement park.

The other thing that bugs me is newbies who haven't gained much logging on talking about how they saw great results doing a particular program...yet if they post pics, those "great results" aren't so great at all.


I started training like that(similar to ronnie/ramping weights on 2-3 exercises per bodypart) 4-6 weeks ago...I started with a 205x5 bench and turned it into 225x8 in 5 weeks....I got stronger and bigger...

I suggest you start searching for videos on how bodybuilders really train...search for guys like branch warren, kevin levrone, and ronnie coleman just to name a few....

bodybuilding like those guys is the best way to get bigger and stronger...hands down...


ive done it a while back, it was definately effective, certainly a pretty tough workout though but i enjoyed it and got good results


this should be burned into the brain. Simple advice. Harsh truth


I appreciate all the replies that were relevant. May look into more areas sovIm still up for suggestions for any training routines for size that you've had success with..


I'd consider all responses here so far relevant.

Still, I'll give you a routine that worked and I had success with.

It was called, train really hard with heavy weights, make sure you address all body parts during the week with whatever exercises helps you make lift heavy and make gains, make sure you get your beauty sleep, eat lots of good food for gaining mass whenever you're awake and breathing, and don't bother with all the bullshit one-day one-minute one-workout one-supplement solutions to gaining mass in a hurry.

This routine is widely advocated by many individuals on this site, and works quite well.

I believe the going rate for this program was $1,300.00. However, if you choose to pay me $2,000.00 I will give you an amazing routine that will buff you up in DAYS. AND THAT'S NOT ALL - sign up now and you'll get FREE personal training sessions with LaBuff!!

Thank you for your time.


I totally agree with Prof X on this one.

As personal example, this was legs day for me today. Once again, I really felt like passing out near the end, but I kept going. I know for a fact that every single time I hit the gym, I am slowly progressing toward my training goals.


I get my pointers from the big boys from Texas. I don't change programs like chicks change panties. I stick to a core protocol and incorporate what I like from others. Like RP sets from DC. Blending size and strength? Isn't that what most of us here at the bodybuilding forum (except the one's that aren't trying to get bigger oxymoron?) are doing since day one. Ballz


Excuse me, but I am also trying to be functional :wink:


No man can say utter the words "Fun" on Squat day.


professer X you sure know your shit