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Anyone Try Any Unusual Meats?


I just found a site which sells crocodile meat, as well as python and rattlesnake. Do you think these would be just as healthy as regular meats?


I don't know if it's unusual, but Bison is amazing.


+1 for Bison! I eat it several times per week. Check the specs here: http://www.northstarbison.com/IBS/SimpleCat/InfoPage/asp/Comp_ID/17393.html


Bison is a nice change of pace from beef, but elk is just fantastic. I grab up some elk every change I get.


Cool, might give bison a try. I haven't ever eaten anyhting except the usual chicken, fish, lamb etc lol.


x2 for the elk

I also eat yak and emu pretty regularly.


I read those specs and came to the conclusion that venison was the best option. I always did like deer jerky.


I like mousedeer, camel and ostrich. Not really unusual, but not really typical as well I think.


I have eaten bison, rabbit, deer, elk, pigeon, pheasant, horse, I guess it all comes down to how gamy of a taste you can handle.


Lol I dont get where people get access to all these meats unless we have a lot of hunters on T-Nation...


x2 Elk is delicious.
Pickled Hering is always good.
Escargot is pretty good.
X2 on the bison.
x2 on the vinison.
Duck is fatty but delicious.


They sell kangaroo burgers (as well as elk, bison, ostrich, venison, etc.) in Burnaby at Maple Meats in Brentwood Towncenter Mall.

Apparently our Governor-General eats seal heart:



If you can get hold of Ostrich meat give it a try. Very damn tasty, nice deep meaty flavour. The best thing though is it is a very lean meat, great when dieting or cutting.

Some stats are at: http://www.ostrich.org.uk/products/meat.html


I'm amazed nobody has mentioned komodo dragon meat yet haha!


Some of us grew up in other countries, or at least I did. You can go to almost any restaurant in Rome and find pigeon and rabbit on the menu. As far as the other meats, I used to go hunting with my dad back in the day.


Wild Bore

That is all.



How did crocodile taste.


Dragon meat is quite nice


Panda meat.

Buy it here http://lonniebhodge.com/


Are you talking about komodo dragon meat? Cause that shit is anabolic as hell, or so I hear.