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Anyone try an EMS Machine??

My friend just got one of those EMS machines with 8 channels. I tried it out tonight, and let me tell you, it is some funky shit! I ut the pads on the back and front of my forearms, and abs and traps at first. I cranked it up after getting used to it, and let me tell you, it fuckin kills! It keeps a constant tension on the msucle for 45 seconds, then relaxes for 3. Did each muscle 30 minutes. Forearms was wicked! It tenses your arms and moves them involuntarily. It hurts at some point, but not bad. It took me a while to let him put it up higher. The traps throws you in a permanent shrug. Abs was just plain weird. Then on to biceps and triceps. WOW! Funky shit there. Well, anyway, I know it probably dosen’t do much for strength or size, but it was quite interesting, and I am some as hell. I recommend trying it just for the hell of the experience.

Yeah, I’ve tried one a while back. Thats some sick shit, I agree. I was pumped and sore for 2 days!

I have heard about this stuff. What exactly does it do, and how is it good for weight lifting? Are there any negative effects? It sure doesn’t seem too safe.