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Anyone try Alpha Male, M & ZMA as a stack?

If so, what sort of results did you get and what tips can you give someone trying this stack?

Thank you.

They’re not drugs for Christ’s sake!

It may still be hip in the muscle rags, but could we maybe do without calling everything a f-ckin’ ‘stack’!
Just an idea…

And yes, they’re quality supplements…

I am sorry if the word “stack” only refers to drugs, but I feel that any thing used in combination for a common goal(in this case raise Testosterone/limit estrogen) could be referred to as a stack.

I am looking for a little more detail as far as results and any tips you may of learned while on this “stack” to maximize it’s effectiveness.

Thank you once again.

I typically use ZMA on a regular basis, and M and Alpha Male whenever not on a pro-hormone.

Nothing much to say as far as taking them, just follow the general directions for all 3. Definitely a good stack though but I would point out that Alpha Male will result in the biggest portion of the results.

Results basically included increased sex drive, recovery time, energy, strength, and gains in lean mass.

All good products, and a good stack.

I’ll let you know how that stack works after I start taking it in 4-5 weeks.

I agree with wompa. I am/was taking the same stack you had ?'d, with the inclusion of Red Bands as well, during this LONG bulking session I am on.

Has all the effects wompa stated, as well as the Red Bands curbing some unwanted fat gain, and leaning more toward LBM.

I just dropped the Alpha Male yesterday and replaced it with 4-AD-EC for a few weeks, then will go back on the Alpha Male for recovery.

I just say give it a go. You wont be dissappointed in my opinion. I have made some pretty good gains.

Hope this helps,

Comments are appreciated. Thank you.