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Anyone Try AGVT?

Anyone ever try it? im looking for some change after completed a few CW routines, and came across this.

The split has me a little worried though–
day 1: chest/check
day 2: legs
day 3 off
day 4: arm
day 5: off
day 6: begin the cycle over again

though each day is basically 2 compounds with 10x5 reps and 2 smaller movements at 3x6, the frequency is still on the low side.

any thoughts?

BTW my goals are to increase size.

I am going to trying it in about 2.5 weeks. I haven’t used a “bodybuilding” type of split in awhile so I am lookin’ forward to the change. I’ve done mainly whole body training, and an upper/lower split for some time now. I think my upper body will blow up but I’m nervous about my legs as they seem to respond better to higher frequency. But I’m gonna give it my best and hope it works out.

GL to you,


Planning on trying it starting next week (yeah, I’ve been doing full-body splits as well, but big surprise, look at the website we’re posting on). Everyone who reported results that I could find said they did well as long as they ate enough. Some did find it boring, though.

Did Day 1 today. Underestimated chest strength and got all the reps. With the back exercises (did bent-over rows) I did start losing reps and then I got that neurological rebound Poliquin mentioned. I won’t be able to report the hypertrophy effects until after a few weeks on the program, of course - as for muscle soreness, yeah, I’m pretty damned sore.

I tried this a little while back and put on about 10-12 solid lbs over the course of 40 days (and eating to bulk to go along with it, of course). I like the workouts quite a bit and they do not take up an inordinate amount of gym time. I would say as a pure hypertrophy cycle, this was really one of the best I have tried.