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Anyone Try '10 Secrets to Building Mass' Routine?

Hi there, i’m new here. I was thinking of trying out this 3 day split programme https://www.t-nation.com/training/10-secrets-to-building-mass. Has anybody tried it? i’ve been training for 11years now and i’m used to 6 day splits splitting legs twice a week and lacking body parts extra with other exercises.

i’m kind of scared to go down to a 3 day split…maybe that 3 days aren’t enough.

What are your thoughts?

@themalteser, I’ve done this program and from my experience, I really enjoyed it and it absolutely packed on some quality mass. I had the same thoughts you had, when you’re used to training frequently with a split routine, 3 days per week may seem like “not enough”.

BUT, keeping in mind that you should be changing up your training programs every now and then, let’s examine why a 3 day per week full body routine like this is awesome.

-RECOVERY - Most people who train significantly undervalue training. The whole point of training is to recover from training, you only grow when you’re recovering. A 3 day split gives you ample recovery time. If you’re not used to this much recovery time you’ll be surprised how much you grow. If you’ve been training for 11 years and haven’t changed up your training style yet, it’s certainly time for some experimentation.

-Having every muscle stimulated during each workout, so 3x per week, will certainly keep you growing and will be more than “enough.”

-The set/rep scheme involved in this program emphasizes both size and strength, so when you do hit your split routine again, you’ll be bigger and stronger than you used to be and will be able to continue making new gains.

I’ve done a few different full body program over the years and am a big advocate for them. Training full body 3x per week is perfect for those on a tight schedule, or for a change of pace after running a split routine for a while. Remember that this program isn’t a muscle group specialization program, like trying to build up shoulders or whatever. It’s an overall mass program, and is also meant to be run while in a caloric surplus so you can put on the size you’re working for. I highly recommend it! Follow the instructions in the article, give it a go for 6 weeks or so, eat up and see how you look when you’re done.

Some quick advice for this program, be sure to warm up your body as you’re working a full body program. A quick 5 min on the elliptical before you start, and any time you start a new muscle be sure to have a least a couple of warm up sets before your first working set.

Push yourself hard and load up big time on pre and intra workout carbs, Finibars and Plazma are ideal. Make sure you’re eating to gain mass so the program can work as it’s supposed to.

Any questions, be sure to post them!

@robstein thankyou for your reply :blush:. I’ve been changing workouts during the last 5 years but never tried something of this sort. This year I decided that It’s time to forget the abs and go back to basics for a year or so before I hit my next comp.

The only thing now is that I have alot of time on my hands. Before I used to sleep 5-6 hrs a day but now I’m able to sleep 8-10hr a day plus napping in the afternoon. Also my food is going up and all this is helping me lift way more and also recovering more.

So I thought that I could take advantage of the situation while I’m able to rest more and recover more

Not saying it’s the wrong choice but if you’re used to training at a higher frequency why drop to 3 days? From what you have said you recovery and nutrition are better then ever… I don’t know why you wouldn’t stick to your current level of training that’s all.

All DJs programs work great, give it a whirl.
If want extra frequency you could occasionally do two days in a row

@ryan_b_96 that’s why I am asking as I want to put on some size. I’m 90kg (already 2kg heavier than last offseason) and way leaner. Still increasing carbs slowly. I’ll have a think about it… maybe give it a try in winter

Higher frequency doesn’t mean more growth necessarily. It is amazing to me that so many people are so scared of extra recovery time. This program is meant for putting on mass. So, as you say mass is your goal, try the program and eat up!

Sorry bit of a knee jerk reaction on my part. I can understand the initial tentativeness of going from 5-6 days a week to 3. But, you’ll be surprised at what your body will do with more recovery time, the program is really on point.

ALSO and more importantly than your training program, your nutrition will determine whether you’re putting on mass or not, more than training. So if mass is the goal you could try sticking with the current training plan and intelligently increasing cals/carbs, but ultimately you have to be in a bigger surplus if you’re not gaining the mass you want.

Exactly. I’ve recently switched to training a lot less than I used to and I feel great.

Putting more focus on recovery has really paid off for me.

@robstein it’s ok hehe you don’t have to be sorry. i’m gradually increasing carbs but still looking flat always…im at 92kgs now and still very lean, i’m starting the programme from next week and am continuing to improve my cals as i go along. i’ll talk to you guys in 6 weeks :smiley: :smiley: