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Anyone Truly Addicted to T-Nation?


Seriously, I think it's becoming a problem...


NO! I am in complete control of this. Now Get Off My Back!

I quit a couple of times already. That proves it. One time for a few days in a row.Geeze, it's not like I'm robbing banks to get my fix! Did I say fix? I meant information...


No, I'm a hardcore T-Nation whore


I'm spending less time on milfseekers.com and more time on this site. I'm starting to worry about myself....


Consider this as research in helping you get a milf, and not look at milfs. That makes is all worth it now doesn't it?


Yeah- and the whole 'my T-Nation' thing isnt helping, either.


My wife has commented on my overly zealous attitude toward T-Nation.

In fact, she wanted to bet me that I could not stay off of T-Nation for 30 days in a row.

I, of course told her that that would be no problem. It's just that I don't feel like doing it. If I wanted to do it I could....I just don't want to do it....But I could if I felt like it...I could..


I'm don't know that I'm addicted...but I certainly spend too much time on here. Someimes I think that if there were more people that weighlifted or more people who were into politics around me, then I wouldn't be here as much. I'm probably wrong, but hey..

Honestly, I've learned alot about everything from this site. It's one of the better addictions I have...


what else are we going to do at work?


LOL!....My wife has said the exact same thing.


hi my names W Wayland im a T-Nation addict, ive been try to visit less often, but the writers Its the Writers! they wont let me live, each new article more interesting and informative than the last, you read one...but you gotta read another! the another!...and before you know it, its 2am your nearly asleep on a the keyboard.....


my wife says the same thing to me...

the entertainment value of this site is amazing...I attribute this to a high concentration of forum 'cucu for coco puff' posters mixed with numerous informative articles that we get for free every week...

hopefully Patterson and Luoma are making enough $$ to make it worth while for them to continue with this project...

which reminds me, I should buy some more of those tasty Metabolic Drive bars (even with shipping they're a great deal price wise compared to other brands that I can buy locally at a store)...


Hahaha, I got my wife hooked on this site so she could no longer complain about how much I'm here.


Yeah, really. I mean we'd have to like WORK then.


Snort, guffaw. Addicted, wtf are you talking about... don't be silly!


Define "addicted."

I was staying with friends in CT Saturday, and I didn't get on T-Nation that day. And I was just fine. FINE, I tell you! No shakes or whatever.

I read some of the Atomic Dog stuff to my wife; the non-bodybuilding stuff, so she realizes how much more there is to the place than just working out. She gets it.


Hmmm . . . lets put it this way. If T-Nation were to manifest itself into a person, I would most surely be stalking him 24/7 (and no I'm not gay). Soooo yea, I'm definitely addicted.