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Anyone Tried Zinc to Increase Test?


Just read a study linking zinc deficiency with decreased serum testosterone. Over the course of 20 weeks healthy males (average 25 yo) were fed a zinc deficient diet and their testosterone levels dropped from an average of 1000 to 400.

I couldn't get the full text, but supplementing older individuals with zinc increased test levels from 200 to 400, too (same study).



yes, having a healthy well balanced diet and taking certain supplements to ensure that you are getting ideal doses is essential.

for some it could be enough to turn things around IF it is caught earlier enough and treated soon enough.

unfortunately most of us too far gone for just zinc by itself to turn things around.

benefits can also be had from Vitamin D3, B12, Niacin, iron, Essential Fatty Acid, etc.


Oh I know my levels are too low for zinc alone, that's for sure. I have begun supplementing with high potency B-complex, EFA (Omega 3), D3 and Zinc.

Still applying 7.5g/day of androgel. Will have blood tests by the end of the month at longest. New Uro visit on Wednesday. I already have my stuff ready to discuss with him.

Hopefully he will be open to some things. Heck, he may want me to purge from TRT to get baseline numbers, too, though.


Vit D
Free T3
Free T4

Still feel that I'm estrogen dominant but I'm sure the bloodtests will indicate if I am or not. If I am and the MD doesn't want to write for AI, I will procure it as a research compound.


No - because that does nil. A medical condition requires medicine.


So, the myriad of peer-reviewed journals documenting the relationship between zinc deficiency and low serum testosterone are bunk? Hmmm.

I will agree that this is not the case with medical diagnoses of pituitary lesions, testicle lesions, etc.

The link between zinc deficiency and low serum testosterone can not be ignored for a large percentage of men dealing with hypogonadsm, I'm sure.

It is not uncommon for the US diet to be deficient in zinc. Zinc deficency can cause a huge drop in serum testosterone(one study cited a drop of 600 after only 20 weeks of consuming a diet that caused zinc deficiency).

How can this be ignored when individuals have tried everything? I'm not saying that it can be the only cause for low testosterone, but there is evidence of a relationship both via correlation and cause.

I dont think it is as simple as "a medical problem must be treated by medicine". I'm no holistic-minded naturalist, but this is basic science suggesting that zinc supplementation can raise serum testosterone significantly.


A serious zinc deficiency will cause many problems. Many?most enzymes have a metal atom that allows the enzymes to work. If one is deficient in zinc in this day and age, there are probably multiple trace element deficiencies. A vitamin that has a good spectrum of trace elements is very useful.

The fact that a deficiency can reduce T and sperm counts and restoring proper trace element intake reverses some problems, does not in any way mean that increasing zinc above what is required will increase T levels that one has with adequate zinc levels.

This dog will not hunt.


Do you have a link to that study? It sounds interesting.



The n is small, but there are others out there. The replacement group was only the elderly men which isn't the best scenario except it shows that even in those men who have bee dealing with this stuff for a while, zinc may help.


I'm not saying that men with sufficient zinc levels will benefit from megadoses of zinc. I'm saying that perhaps testing for zinc is needed since a deficiency can/will affect testosterone levels.


I'm not saying that men with sufficient zinc levels will benefit from megadoses of zinc. I'm saying that perhaps testing for zinc is needed since a deficiency can/will affect testosterone levels.


I've read that Zinc can help block Estrogen in the male body, so Zinc should be very beneficial to us guys who are trying to maximize our TRT. I haven't been able to find a study where E2 levels were tested in guys who were on a Zinc supp though -- so I guess it is a study that just hasn't been done yet.

We're on the cutting edge with this disorder, so maybe you should try Zinc for awhile and see how it makes you feel :wink: Report back to us!


zinc can help properly regulate aromatase and hormone balance. so it is thought to help block excess estrogen production.

lef.org has some good information on vitamins, hormone balance, etc. I don't agree with everything they say, but they have some valid points.