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Anyone Tried Waterbury High Frequency?


I was thinking of trying it. I was just wondering why he chose to include calf raises every time you work out. Doesn't seem like a very effective exercise compared to compund movements. Other than that it looks pretty solid. Are the calf raises really that important?



Yes, they are.


They are important if you want your calves to grow bigger. Unless you're one of those guys whose calves grow from mowing the damn lawn. lol


It's a good program.

I'm a fan of either high frequency or high volume.

Go do it


I'm one of those guys :slight_smile:


if you want to grow calves you gotta train calves and they need a high volume high intensity approach


I have these calves. I don't train them, they grow like weed from raw milk.

I like them, they're awesome! And when I do calf raises (with straight arms, like lateral raises) I get nice burn in my middle delts and traps too.

Oh, and if you raise a calf, you'll have a cow which will give you milk. And Milk makes EVERYTHING grow.

So yes, calf raises are quite important. :o)


I disagree. Personal opinion so don't get offended as i know a lot of people in the forums do.

I like the high frequency approach.....


calf is singular and calves are plural......

could be wrong.... both both are correct spelling for the lower leg muscles


since this quickly became a calve training thread let me throw out a question.
I have the flat feet and or am Flat footed, anywho doing most calve exercises cause extreme burning in the arch mainly. Any suggestions on how to make em grow. I use the LAC ball on em n stretch no help though.


Careful now....