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Anyone Tried Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is becoming very popular (again). Being backed up by old mice studies, there being more effective than Dianabol - showing great improvement (on mice) and a human probability of making strength and muscular gains - if you are a responder, that is.

Youtubers (no names) have stated it’s effect similar to creatine, or even low dose Anavar. There are some reviews out there raging from massive effects to none. Is appearantly proven effective through an estrogenreceptor, like other ecdysteroids.

Anyone here tried it?

Ever tried “search” ? :slight_smile:

Yep. Bought 3 bottles for 1 month. $150++ for maybe a little more strength in the gym and that’s it. I could have gotten 45 50mg Var for that lol. I think it’s maybe good for kids and tested natural athletes, but fairly useless for us

Edit: I should add I was on TRT 160mg test only at the time

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Yes I did! I believe the “new” breed is of better quality in a few selected brands. Next up is the copycat’s renditions, which is another story for tomorrow.

Please note this got moved to pharma by mods, though it IS a supplement. I should have left out the reference to anabolic steroids… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Well then, this may serve as my first post in the pharma section. Better start lightly - Next up Tren!

Lol up the virtruvian physique YouTube channel. I feel he is pretty unbiased and ran it for three months. Imo, not worth it.

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Yeah, that is a good and funny rant! I love when he presents the strange results from the DEXA-scan, which stated he got fatter and lighter…

I meant to say look up lol. Imo, most of his gains are explained by the 3 month caloric surplus.

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I honestly expected him to show some impressive gains being natural. But maybe he’s already advanced enough that it just didn’t work for him.

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Just a side note, but that guy has some elite level fat distribution. Just doesn’t hold much on the stomach at all.

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