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Anyone Tried Tongkat Ali?

Studies indicate an increase of testosterone when supplementing with Tongkat ali. Even Jerry Brainum mentioned in a podcast TA to be the only supplement that actually raises testosterone. Hasn’t Biotest their own blend of it?

I believe it when I see it, I thought, and bought some from an approved company that has a clean product according to several reviews on the net. Arrived today.

Now, has anyone here tried it? Noticed ANY difference, positive effects or nothing? I will use it combined with Ashwaganda.

by how much percentage and to what study subjects?

on paper most supplements work… sadly they work by such low percentage that only lab testing equipment can registrate it…

also you can just invest 10 bucks and do bloodwork pre and post taking that stuff…

A 34% increase in free testosterone in young adults according to a recent study. I’ve read it on PubMed and it’s quoted here:

Most of the TA supplements out there are shit though, with only a couple of exceptions where the manufacturing processes are (supposedly) done in a strict and precise manner.

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I dont think 30% is enough to be a big deal. Lets say you are mid range of 600. It could boost you up to 750-800. Thats still not HIGH. But if you are on the high side, being a bit higher wont do much.
Low dose testosterone injections puts me on 250% increase. A standard beginner cycle of 500mg test would put me at 500% increase. And i have seen as high as 800%-1000%. With this in mind its not like on these doses anyone gets super big, super strong and can demolish houses with his erection.
On Pharma forum we can see how most men doing a beginner cycle and increasing their test 500%-600% still fail to produce much gains, besides bloat and some fat.

Just keep in mind that lots of guys who dont look like they lift are on 500% increase of test for a loooong time.
And there you go, thinking, what wonders would 34% increase do, huh.

I think the only people who would feel this a bit would be men in a very old age with very low test for the last 30-40 years of their life. Then again… its a % increase, which means that going from 100 to 134 might not do much even for them.

I think everyone should go on steroids for a while, to understand how bad shit really is. I remember also trying to find the best supps and the best mix of exercises, super foods and spending all my money on pills and powders.
Then you go on a ton of steroids and guess what… nothing. Yup… When you realize that most people dont gain shit on 500% increase of test, you will stop wondering should you take glutamine pre or post workout, and you will forget about test boosters and GH boosters, heh :smiley:

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Thanks Hank,

Really appreciate your honest and direct responses! You really have your way with words, that hit the spot! You remind me of my uncle… :sweat_smile:

Nah, I’m not expecting anything major from TA to be honest. I’m mostly curious whether it to a noticeable extent will raise my T. I believe my T is ok, but I sleep/rest to little and stress a bit too much in daily life - for the past 5 years. Made some natty gains though, but feel like I’m jumping on a plateau. Age 47 is another interesting factor.

Best way of monitoring T is to have bloodwork done before and after, as you said. I will look into that.

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Give it like a 90 day run. Since you lift weights and mind your recovery factors it might give you a nice jolt.

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i used it and this is bullshit. Had less libido using it. Gived half bottle to a friend and he didnt felt anything too

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