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Anyone Tried this Trap Exercise?


first off i just wanna say i know that shrugs and other options are better so i dont want this thread to be turned into one big debate, but im just curious about this exercise.

has anyone here tried it by any chance? im guessing no, but it would be interesting if someone here has done this exercise and had results.
The guy in the video said hes never done more than a few sets of shrugs, if you ask me, id say hes got pretty good trap development if thats true.


I do raises for my delts. amidoinitwrong?

I have no speakers at work so if that isn't funny, that is why.


is this a joke?


Looks more like rear delt work to me.


That's a fucking rear delt exercise called BENT OVER FLYES or REVERSE FLYES or BENT OVER LATERAL RAISES.

In fact, if you didn't know that already, I am sure you are very turned around about much more.


its actually not a joke..the guy in the video says this is all he does for traps, so its oviously not a joke if its working for someone.

im familiar with the exercises.. if you listened to the full clip you'd hear him say he keeps his traps flexed forward to put more emphasis on them. i was just wondering if doing these movements with the traps flared up, could it give you decent results.


Dude in the video is the next Arnold!!!! end sarcasm Who want's to bet he's walking on toothpicks?


? His traps aren't that big to even think like that. I am not knocking the way he is built either because that is his own goal...but looking at him and thinking "huge traps" is silly.

HE would likely have bigger traps if he quit doing a fucking shoulder exercise for his traps.


thats fair enough. were all entitled to our own opinion. i know their not Huge, and maybe not by your standards, but i literally have no traps so i would say that his were pretty respectable. my upper traps just didnt seem to take off with whatever i did. i dont have a problem with the middle or lower traps, but for some reason, not sure if its because of a previous shoulder injury but i just cant 'FEEL' them working since i had a fall on my shoulder. thats why i was asking about this exercise. perhaps it would help me keep tension on them, i dont know, thats why im asking.


Lol when he says "...400 ibs! It blew me away, your back isn't made to handle that".

ya right. and your legs and chest arent made to handle 400 lbs either.

I would bet that those who base their workouts primarily on how safe they are rather than how effective they are have not gotten very far or very big.


Haha He also says "shrugs are good, they get the job done, but c'mon, we're talking about safety here."

Well ill focus and talk about training thank you very much


Thank you.

If doing shrugs is unsafe to you, you aren't doing them right. This seems like a guy with decent genetics who would likely look close to the way he does no matter what he did.

His shoulders are actually lagging behind the rest of his development.


LOL, how ironic. He uses lifts were I try and NOT use my traps to build his traps, and has lagging shoulders.

Shit cracks me up.


"400 lbs! It blew me away, your back isn't made to handle that"

HIS back probably isn't made to handle that since he seems afraid of using it. Here's a crazy thought, if you shrug, row or pick up heavy stuff from the floor on a regular basis you might discover that your back is made to handle quite a bit more than 400lbs.


Who would have thought that this post would have turned into to such a pissing war.

Mr. Professor, how familiar are you with the anatomy of the back? And specifically the trapezius, because I get this vibe your not actually an anatomy major who would be fit to make such a matter of fact answer. And if you would re-watch the video between the time slot of 0:36-0:39 ten times it would make a tittle wit more sense.

This movement here seems to be an alright variation to a valid exercise and if you would try it before you bash it, you just might change your tune here.. Key to this one is going to be ultra strict form and the flex at the top. You are too close minded for the OP for him to get any good out of what you said.

And to the OP, if you are looking some alternate sources of great info please check out Scoobysworkshop.com. The dudes got nothing to sell you and is one of the few people i know who has reached his full genetic potential.


I lol'ed because I'm pretty sure you are serious with this shit.


awww. is that you in the video? getting a little defensive if it isnt eh.


Nah I think it's a troll, recommending Scooby is what tipped me off. That guys is the goofiest mfer ever.

I'm waiting for one of these alternate exercise threads to actually be something somewhat useful, but then I realize that one day I'm going to die and don't need to be wasting my time on anything but the basics really.

Like are you really going to depend on this exercise to demolish your traps every session? Really?


Im a cynical individual. What can i tell you. Im waiting for the Proph's answer on this one.


The Scooby reference was icing on the cake